Which Monat Hair Care Products are Good for your Hair Type

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Monat products are doing rounds on social media and everyone is going crazy about them. Here is a review of some of the best Monat products.

The One Monat Product Everyone Needs

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Now, I am not generally given to the dramatic. However, I could not write this article without talking about our Rejeveniqe Oil Intensive (and Rejuvenique Light for a more lightweight formula). What I love about it most is this — usually, as a brunette who tends to hair oily prone hair, my ends would not be dry but they would look dry. I’ve never figured out why this is, but it is. It will also make your skin so soft and so smooth, many people have used it to treat eczema patches, scars, and cradle cap.

Monat Non-toxic Products for Kids and Pets

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So, if your child has unruly, tangled mess of hair, you can check out our Monat Junior line here. I have used the detangler on myself before and it is WONDERFUL. Oh, and it has such a light, wonderful scent. Monat also has a couple of products to help clean your pet with a gentle wash and a spray to help them smell clean when it’s not quite time to wash again, as washing too often can dry out Rover’s skin.

Monat for Thinning Hair

I have probably, over my time with Monat, gotten most interest inquires about whether Monat can grow hair back. It has some key proprietary ingredient blends that help sustain hair growth and retention for many of our customers, though we cannot guarantee your individual results. The one product I do recommend to anyone who has concerns about the thinning hair at the root is the Intense Repair Treatment spray.

Monat for Curly Hair

In general, curly haired girls generally require additional moisture for their beautiful curls. This combo packs a really great punch for those with lots of curls that need moisture. And the Curl Defining Cream is a standard product that helps define and conditions curls without frizz or weighing the hair down. If you generally have thick, wavy hair, you can also try our other moisturizing Renew Shampoo. If you have longer hair, one of the best conditioners is the Revitalize Conditioner (moderately hydrating) or the Intense Repair Conditioner (very hydrating,). You can also use the Restore Leave-In Conditioner as a leave-in or wash out conditioner. 

Which Monat is Best for Fine, Limp (and Thinning) Hair

Now this is something special. The recommended shampoo for this type of hair is the Revive Shampoo. The Revitalize Conditioner is the go-to for this type of hair, as it is very light-weight and won’t dull the hair and make it droopy. Now, if you have thinning hair that is fine and limp, this is generally my recommendation. You could use the Intense Repair Conditioner if your hair is dry.

Best Monat Products for Severely Dry, Damaged Hair

If your hair is in a really sad shape, chances are that any of the above recommendations, based on your hair type, will improve it greatly. While most people experience damage in the bleaching process, I actually got a lot of damage when pulling out the pink I’d had in my hair previously. One wash of the Renew Shampoo, and I was hooked, lined, and sinkered.

Mens’ & Women’s Short Hair with Monat

Now, you have a few options here. You can use anything recommended above or below. But generally, short hair doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and the people who keep short hair like to keep products to a minimum. This is great, where the Black 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner comes in. It has cleansing and clarifying properties of a shampoo, with that famous Monat Rejuveniqe Oil and conditioning that keeps hair so soft and shiny.

Try these Monat Hair Care Products to add life to your hair.

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