Trendy Long Hairstyles You Have To Try

Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

It might take time to make long hairstyles but the outcome is always very pretty. There are several hairstyles that can be made on long hair. Women with long hair are said to be more graceful and attractive. Hair design for long hairs can be fun and classic.

Types Of Long Hairstyles

  • Textured loose curls
  • Face framing braids with loose soft waves
  • Twisted braid bun
  • Beach waves
  • Cool girly ponytails
  • Half knot
  • Messy bun
  • Low wrapped ponytail and many more to pen down.
Different Hairstyles For Long Hair
Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

Making Long Hairstyles

Beach Wave Curls

Create waves with a soft messy finish. It will give your hair volumes.  Divide the hair into half and make a French braid on each side. Do it on wet hair. And then you can go to sleep. When you wake up and open the braids you will get a nice messy beach wave look.

Different Hairstyles For Long Hair
Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

Silken Hairstyle Look

First, tease the back of your crown. Then section out the flicks. Clip away your crown. Now take your side sections which are left open and put them into a ponytail by flipping it twice inward. Now after having done it pull up the size to make it look thicker open up the Crown clip and create another ponytail. Join the two ponytails by trapping some section of the hair around the elastic. Follow the above easy steps to create that perfect silken hairstyle look.

Easy Long Hairstyles

Two-minute elegant bun

First, make a ponytail and take out flicks in the front. Then flip the ponytail. Make a super braid before tying the ends. Then pull the sides of the braid to give it a filler look. Now put hairspray on the braid. Let it dry. After the spray dries roll the braid inward into a bun. And elegant bun look is ready.

Lazy girls fancy ponytail

For this look, we are going to clip up the top portion of the hair.  With the leftover hair make a low ponytail.  Tie an elastic band. Wrap some portion of the hair on the top of the elastic band. Now take the top section and twist it around the ponytail. Bring it around the elastic band and tie it to the ponytail.

Cross ponytail

Take any hair balm and blend evenly throughout the hair.  Next, divide the hair above the ear into loose strands. Then gather the rest together behind the head.

Separate the hair at the back of the neck diagonally into two bunches. Then make a gap with your fingers and pass the hair through.  Pull on the passed-through hair to tighten. Then collect it all together with a hair tie. Once it is all gathered together pull out the surface strands and arrange it.


Girls with long hair get a lot of options for doing any hairstyles. Long hair looks very graceful and elegant. No matter how you style your hair you will look perfectly fine with any hairdo.

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