Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth

Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth

There are nine kinds of hair care tips on the Internet that are likely to hurt your Natural hair.

Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth
Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth

Natural Hair And The Following Products

Old saying: deep repair, shine, reduce nutrient loss.

Fact: Many experts have pointed out many of the disadvantages associated with using beer to wash their hair:

Alcohol causes the hair to dry out and damage the natural fat barrier on the scalp. 

When using beer, you can feel a strong beer odor, even after the beer is washed off for a long time (especially if there is no shampoo). Sometimes it disappears on dry hair, but it reappears on wet hair (for example, in the rain).

 You have to know that alcohol cannot ingest by the mouth alone. Even if it is beneficial, it often brings more harm than the so-called benefits.


The old saying: Rich in vitamins D and E, protein therapy can make natural hair smooth and shiny.

Fact: the protein must clean after a long and tedious combing. Please do not believe that you can use hot water to pour into a raw egg to see what effect it will have.

It turns out that egg white can’t penetrate the hair at all, forming a stable bond, so your protein therapy is ineffective.

The smell of the hair after using the egg is extraordinary (for many people, it is similar to the scent of a dog), washing it is not an easy task to remove this taste.

Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth
Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth

Few More To Know


The old saying: Makes hair shinier, adds color, softens hair, and replaces expensive shampoo.

Fact: If you abandon the shampoo and choose to wash your hair with only soda, then your sister will tell you that you are taking a significant risk. The pH of the 5% sodium carbonate solution is a pH of about 8.1. On average, the acidity of the scalp is below 5.5 pH, and the hair product achieves the right balance of pH 5.5-6. Soda is much higher than it, and washing your hair with it can damage your hair.

The effect of using only soda to wash your hair is very suspicious, especially after comparing the regular appearance of washing your hair and washing your hair with drink, the appearance under the microscope is even more surprising.

4.oil: coconut, ramie, burdock

The old saying: Resolve hair dryness and make hair shiny and soft.

Oil is often useful, and the scalp becomes greasy, but the hair itself is drier.

5.natural dyes: henna and anthocyanins

The old saying: Make your hair look bright, saturated, and have a long-lasting color that improves the structure of the nose, makes it shinier and increases growth.

Fact: Persistent natural dyes such as henna and anthocyanins have many drawbacks that are often to forget.

Natural dyes penetrate the structure of the hair, so they are challenging to wash. Even if you apply a darker color, you can keep the red or red shade of the henna. After using henna, it is impossible to accurately predict the results of chemical coatings (the best outcome is to dye it red, which may be successful).

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