The Dangers of Kids Hair Care Products

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Not only did they take the time to review their entire Men in Hair Care range and their Men of Baby Products for sensitive skin, but they also got the chance to review their Women s Hair Care range. This article focuses on Men ‘s products.

The Baby eczema bar has received a lot of attention as a safe and effective treatment for this common skin condition. The product features a moisturizing conditioner, moisturizing wash and of course a super moisture rich emollient – moisturizing wax. It is packaged in an aesthetically appealing tin that is meant to make taking it out of the shower easy. The packaging does say ‘for life’ and it looks like something that a parent would love to keep close to them at all times. But is this the ideal children’s hair care product?

Baby Eczema Ba

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The base of the Baby Eczema Bar is of course the moisturizing wax and cream, which are very good. It helped to smooth out my son’s flaky, fly away hair easily and without too much hassle. The moisturizing properties of the wax made it really feels nice to touch and it is definitely a lot softer than some other detailing products on the market. There is no greasy feeling and it actually seemed to penetrate well, making it easier to remove. However, the moisturizing properties were only a part of the ingredients list and the main ingredients are petrolatum, a waxy petroleum based ingredient, and a range of paraffin waxes.

These ingredients may sound soothing, but the list doesn’t tell you that they contain low levels of them. They also include dioxin, an ingredient which has been found in many carcinogens and is known to cause cancer. Dioxane also makes breasts look rounder. Kids hair care products don’t have to contain these kinds of dangerous ingredients, but many brands do. So is it safe for babies to use 90-day healthy hair care products that contain these chemical agents?

Hair Grow Faster And Healthier

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Let’s back up for just a moment. Companies have been using these chemical agents for a long time to help their hair grow faster and healthier. It was around during the time when most products in stores contained sodium lauryl sulphate or laureth sulphate as an ingredient. These ingredients are still used and are extremely popular. So is it safe for babies to be putting themselves through such hair growth products?

The answer is a big, resounding yes. Sodium lauryl sulphate, when used in mainstream hair care products, will not only clog follicles and cause other side effects, but it can actually get rid of hair completely. 

Organic Or Natural

And your kid probably hasn’t even heard of this side effect yet. Other chemicals in mainstream products can cause irritations and allergic reactions or promote hyperpigmentation of skin.

Now, you might be thinking that you’re going to stop buying your kids hair care products. After all, they’re probably labeled as organic or natural. The only problem is that these terms mean nothing. Companies can use just about any chemical in their products, without listing it as a chemical known to be dangerous.


The best thing to do is to read the ingredients label on your kids hair care products. If you see sodium lauryl sulfate or another chemical mentioned, it is best to eliminate it from your purchase. But if you see something else, look it up online first. It may not pose a health risk, but it could also cause your kid some skin irritation.

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