The Best Long Hairstyles Of 2019

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No matter what your hair looks like, whether it has long layers, thick curls or straight locks, long hairstyles can be a trendy approach for one and all. You are guaranteed to be giving major hair goals with the boho fishtails and mermaid waves. Furthermore, take inspiration from your favorite celebrities and start styling your hair with proper care and nourishment. 

Best Of The Long Hairstyles Trends Of 2019

Sleek Blowout Long Hairstyles

An effortlessly glam long hairstyle look is the sleek blowout. Actress Margot Robbie is popular in the fashion industry for sporting this look and it sure seems to suit her girl look. In fact, this long hairstyle has sleek blow-dried hair strands that are straightened and neatly parted. The hair can be tied into a high ponytail and kept secure with a satin band. After having tinged the lengths of your hair, a wide section can be taken and tied into a loose braid with a pin at the back of your head. The blowout must be side-swept by using a misty hairspray.

The Best Long Hairstyles Of 2019
The Best Long Hairstyles Of 2019

Ponytails And Braids

Ponytails are the most common long hairstyle trends. Starting from one knot to three knots, ponytails can be styled and experimented in various fancy and stylish ways. A bubble ponytail is the latest in the list trendsetting hairstyles. To bring a retro look back twisted and loose ponytails can be a girl’s best friend. Braids, on the other hand, need extra care and better styling to make them look trendy. Fishtail braids are the ideal bridesmaid hairstyle that has a messy and loose look to it. A French braid tied up in a topknot requires a little extra effort but once pulled off, there’s no turning back from it. The Boho braid is a side-swept braid that gives a more relaxed and comfortable vibe.


Mermaid waves are an ideal hairstyle for girls with curly hair. The curves, when tied onto a ponytail, can keep the waves a little loose and tangle-free. A wavy hair can be tied into a unicorn braid that brings out the voluminous after effect. For a sleek look, polish your hair with a gel and sweep it sideways – giving it an out-of-the-shower look. Make your waves look prettier by adding small clips and gemstones on them. This will also keep your hair out of your face and give your look a polished finishing. Adding highlights and color to your wavy hair will make your look super edgy.

Curls And Bangs

Your long hair deserves the ultimate instant makeover with bangs and curls. Furthermore, people should trim the bangs to bring out a fashionable look. A textured wave can bring out your curls perfectly and balance with your beautiful face. In addition to being kept open, your curls can be tied into random braids. Make sure to tie the loose ends of the braids with an elastic band. These hairstyles will look adorable with a perfect small hair clip after tieing them in a fashionable manner.

Firstly, it is very difficult for people to maintain a long hairstyle. Secondly, long hairstyles such as the above need regular care to maintain the beautiful look. For example, one needs to visit the salon often to get their hair done. Not only that you must also properly nourish your long hair before going to sleep also. For instance, you should apply the serum before going to bed. In addition to that, you must shampoo regularly. Lastly, do not blow dry your hair for a prolonged period of time.

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