Some Curly Hair Care Home Remedies You Should Know

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To keep your preferred curly hair, you’ll also have to maintain healthy hair. Yes, there are numerous curly hair products out there for you to explore. But why do that when all you need may just be lying in your kitchen. Home remedies to the rescue. They cost significantly less than the curly hair products, they are as effective, and they also are easily accessible.

With just a few ingredients easily available in your home, you can concoct varieties of home care remedies. These remedies will leave your curls conditioned, shinier,and generally healthier. You just have to try these remedies out. We discuss some curly hair care home remedies you should know.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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This might just be what you need to keep those curls under control. It is mildly acidic in nature, thereby helping you maintain the ideal pH balance on your hair. This remedy works as a natural hair clarifier, leaving your hair all shiny.

You do not need to apply this remedy more than twice a month. To apply this, mix equal volume of the vinegar and water. You should then shampoo your hair and rinse afterwards using the vinegar mixture. Leave this for some minutes, before finally rinsing with cold water.


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Using eggs as an easily accessible home remedy for curly hair is widely known. Eggs are rich in protein which helps your hair grow naturally whilst also making them strong. They also contain biotin, without which your hair will fall off. Hence, you need eggs to maintain healthy curly hair.

Applying this remedy once a week is all you need. To apply, whisk one egg in a bowl, then add the necessary amount of mayonnaise and olive oil. Ensure complete mixture. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave for half of an hour. Then use cold water to rinse away.


This berry, containing just one seed, is set to leave your hair hydrated if used as a home remedy. It helps you to further manage your curly hair. It contains Vitamin E which keeps the cell membranes of your hair membranes intact, ultimately keeping them strong.

You should apply this remedy once or twice a week. Mash the avocado and mix with the right amount of yogurt until creamy. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave for an hour. Then, rinse with water and shampoo.


Sometimes, all you need to manage your curly hair are home remedies. They are known to be as effective as other curly hair products, and cost less. Hence, we discuss some curly hair care home remedies you should know.

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