Cool Hairstyles For Men – What To Look For

Men Hairstyle: Ways To Choose

Men generally prefer short hairstyles. With short hair, many believe that there is hardly any styling possible. But here, we have some amazing short hairstyles for men to give them a fashionable look and to take their stylish quotient higher.

Short Hairstyles For Cool Men

Bowl Cut

This cut was quite famous in the 1990s and it has made a comeback now. It also looks quite edgy and stylish. The classic bowl cut also looks good with side-swept bangs.

Caesar Cut

The famous hairstyle of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar has quite a fan following even today. Men who prefer to have sharp edges on their short bangs can go for this haircut. It is also suitable for those who have straight and silky hair.

Short blowout with Tapered Sides

If you get a haircut with tapered sides, it makes your top look longer, thereby adding more length to your face. This gives an impact of a taller stature. Furthermore, this hairstyle also looks neat and fashionable. It is easy to maintain as you just need to maintain your crown portion. It also gives a very clean and sharp look.

Buzz Cut with a Shaved Design

If you are short and have a long face, then you need to get a haircut or a hairstyle that should not make your face look too long. Your hair should also make your face balanced and not too lengthy. This smart design gives you a short and trimmed look, but the main highlight is a smart shaved design on your forehead or on the side that shifts the focus to it rather than your height.

Shop These Products Online

For the women in your life, we have some amazing hair styling products. Have a look!

Reusable Silicone Mushroom Hair Curler

  • SAFE TO USE: No electric heat used, so you won’t have to worry about hair damage.
  • MUSHROOM SHAPE: This hair curler shape gives an effective roll hairstyle.  It gives attractive waveforms on hair.
  • REUSABLE: Since made of silica gel, rollers could be easily washed and hygienic.
  • MATERIAL: plastic/resin
  • COLOR: Random

10pc No Heat Hair Roller Curlers

  • SOFT RUBBER:  Silicone curlers that you can even sleep with it on; when waking up curly hair wave is done.
  • NO HEAT:  A hair styling tool without electric hair and perm plastic damage.
  • EASY TO USE:   For all hair types, wet or dry, curly, loose or wavy hair.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT:  It comes with a zipper bag for convenient storage especially for travel.
  • MATERIAL:  resin
  • COLOR:  blue/pink
  • PACKAGE:  5 pcs large/5 pcs small

Professional Hair Curling Iron

  • TRIPLE BARREL:  With 3 curler perm rolls that provide unmatched heat distribution.
  • EASY TO OPERATE:  It is perfect to shave a quick curled hairstyle.  It releases negative ions and repair damaged hair automatically, which makes healthy, natural hair shape more lasting.
  • MANY CURL STYLES:  It allows versatility with curl and waffle style, such as curls, waves, corkscrew curls, and ringlets.
  • VOLTAGE: AC110V-240V, 45W-65W
  • TEMPERATURE: 180 DegC/210 DegC

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