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The several varieties of hair care products in the market are quite intriguing for one who hasn’t tried a good number of these products. Research has revealed that there’s significant diversity in the appearance and morphology of human hair. Many keep struggling with their hair problems such as dry hair and scalp despite trying numerous treatments. Hence, you have to look for what works for you, natural or branded products? Chemical or organic products? Searching for what suits you most times costs a reasonable price. You may however be lucky to come across what works for you with little or no effort. We’ll be highlighting some of the assumed classes of hair care products alongside their pros and cons.

Natural and artificial hair care products

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Over the years, natural products have proven their best so far. These naturally rich products are chiefly available at home, and they tend to give good texture and sound quality to the hair. In addition to their efficiencies, they’re also purse-friendly and need little labour. Nature has adequately provided the answers for solving a good number of hair issues alongside restoring its quality. Some widely used natural products include Green tea, coconut oil, honey, etc.

On the other hand, artificial products and salon services also give intermittent glow and shine, but are costly and can get one’s hair screwed up if wrongly used. The types of products you should consider using depend solely on your hair type. This is because several factors may come into play when considering the choice of the product. You may want to consider hair products that are rich in protein if you have coarse hair, for it will nourish the hair and scalp. Whereas if what you have is fine hair then you may want to consider products that are low in fatty acids to make it look smarter and feel tender.

While searching the market for artificial hair products, you should be cautious while selecting them. It’s advisable you contact expertise in that field.

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Chemical-free products are widely found among natural products because of the organic compounds present in them. They are otherwise found among artificial products but most of these products are less commercial hence, harder to find compared to the random chemical-based products.

The superiority of organic products is widely known, for they instil hair follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, extracts, and herbal oils. Apart from their distinct quality, chemical-free products are otherwise eco-friendly. Since they’re composed of natural minerals and resources they’re less harmful to the environment and are much better than chemical-based ones. They tend to impose little or no harm on animals on land and water and they possess great biodegradability properties.

Chemical-based products are marvellous in the sense that they are specially cultivated to regulate specific hair problems. Another interesting part is they offer solutions that are detected within a short time interval to hair problems such as hair breakage, dryness, and dandruff.

However, as lovely and awesome they seem to be they are otherwise harmful. They contain chemicals that are capable of causing physical and mental harm. A good example of these chemicals is isopropyl alcohol which is an active ingredient found in a large variety of artificial hair products. It is a denaturant that changes the biochemical properties of the natural protein of the hair. Inhaling this chemical in its vapour form causes nausea, dizziness, headaches and at times vomiting. Another hazardous chemical-based is additives such as thickeners, stabilizers, and fragrances. These substances can easily penetrate the skin and can irritate sensitive people due to the deformation of the skin components.


Artificial and chemical-based products can cause more harm than good even though they give immediate results and long-lasting effects. Natural and chemical-free products tend to offer lasting results even though they are non-commercial.

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