Platinum Blonde Hair Care Tips That Lets Your Hair Shine And Glow

platinum blonde hair care tips

Achieving and maintaining platinum blonde hair takes some time and effort but fortunately, with a few platinum blonde hair care tips and tricks, you can do that effortlessly. Platinum blonde is the hair color that’s very trendy and is the easiest to love. But you must know that it requires a bit of extra effort to maintain the tone and shine of your hair. You require many products to keep it neither too cool nor too brassy on a daily basis. Hydration and repair also need to be considered as the amount of bleaching it requires will eventually make the hair dry and brittle. So, you must consider few tips for taking care of your platinum blonde hair.

Platinum Blonde Hair Care Tips

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Safeguard your hair from chlorine-treated pools

In the sweltering summer months, it’s always appealing to dip in the pool, however, chlorine-treated water can spell disaster for all hair, especially platinum blondes. The reason why blonde hair gets damaged in the pool is because the swimming pools contain copper that binds to the proteins in your hair while you swim. When copper comes in contact with chlorine, it oxidizes and damages the hair.

To prevent this, you can buy hair shield that not only protects platinum locks but prevents breakage and damage at the hands of UV rays, sweat, and wind.

Prefer using a sulfate-free shampoo

While shampoos with sulfates can do a great job of creating luxurious lather, however, it can cause damage to dry or color-treated hair. Sulfates cause the color to fade away more quickly than it should thereby making the hair even drier. Therefore, you must opt for sulfate-free shampoo that thoroughly cleanses strands, removes impurities, and strengthens the hair without compromising on hair color.

Platinum Blonde Hair Care Tips

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Use hair mask

Bleaching can irritate your scalp and damage your hair. So, in order to rebuild the hair strength, you must weekly use a protein-based hair mask that will repair hair strands and strengthen the cuticle.

Use a purple shampoo weekly for blonde hair

The best way to keep the color intact is to neutralize the yellow undertones that usually tend to show up days after you’ve left the salon. For this, you must weekly use a purple shampoo that deposits a small amount of purple pigment to the hair that eventually cancels out the yellow color and restores a cool tone to your strands. Not only this, by using purple shampoo, you extend the life of your platinum blond color. But make sure to use it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and not daily.

Be careful with heat

Always be careful when you use heat appliances like hairdryers and straightening irons and remember to use a heat protector.


When you bleach your platinum blonde, you need to make sure that you take the utmost care of them. It doesn’t matter which formula you use, after bleaching, there will certainly be some amount of damage. So, once you’ve dyed your hair and left the safety of your expertly-trained colorist’s hand, you need to be extra cautious.

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