Most Important Brazilian Hair Products

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Brazilians are famous for their long, healthy, and shiny hair. For an extremely hot and humid climate, regular and proper hair care is necessary for Brazil. Being the home for a large number of natural ingredients used in our beauty products, the Amazon Rainforest provides Brazil with the organic ingredients for producing exclusive Brazilian hair care products. Here I am going to show some of the Brazilian products that you may find quite beneficial to improve your hair-quality. 

Brazilian Combing Creme

A close up of a bottle

Combining creams moisturize the hair and thus keep it healthy and shiny. Among all the Brazilian hair care products, combing creme is very popular. This is a staple hair product for Brazilians, as well as for Latin Americans, as it is great for any type of hair and can be used by people of all ages. It helps in detangling the hair which is necessary to prevent any breakage. It ensures the growth of the hair. Besides, it acts as a perfect primer for the hair and can increase hair growth in months. Brazilians usually apply it during humid weather.

Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian blowout uses a liquid Keratin formula, usually comes from animals and birds. It also includes natural plant ingredients coming from Brazil, like- acai berry, annatto seed, camu camu. Brazilian blowout helps in getting rid of frizz and making smooth, strong, and glossy hair. But, the Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) informs that Brazilian blowout is not as safe as the other Brazilian hair care products. It may cause serious side-effects, like- headache, nausea, dizziness, itching, chest pain, scalp burning, rash, etc.

Surya Brasil Henna Cream

Henna is a popular organic way to color hair without much damage. Surya Brasil Henna Cream is a hair-coloring product containing organic and vegan ingredients from Brazil. It is strong enough in covering grays. It doesn’t stain the skin and is absolutely non-toxic. For all these excellent performances, it has become one of the most essential among the Brazilian hair care products.

Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Hair Mask

This, like many other Brazilian hair care products, gives you the exact taste of Brazil. It is enriched with the native Brazil Nut seed oil, aloe vera juice, Babacu seed oil, etc. It is confirmed that it gives the hair natural nutrients. This mask is to be used twice a week with a heated cap. It is okay for any hair type.

Bottom Lines

The health of the hair is important to the women of Brazil. So the demand of natural and organic Brazilian hair care products is always high in that country. Here I have tried to give some description about a few exclusive products that can help you in getting the exact glossy and easy-to-manage hair just like the Brazilians!

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