Men Hairstyle To Try Out This Summer

Men Hairstyle To Try Out this Summer

Men should not only be concerned about their attire but also their hairstyle to match with that attire. A stylish hairstyle is a signature a man. Some of the men hairstyles which is in fashion in recent times is listed below. Do take a look if you are looking for a new hairstyle.

Men Hairstyle To Try Out this Summer
Men Hairstyle To Try Out this Summer

Buzz Cut: A New Men Hairstyle

The buzz cut has tapering sides and a short crop on the top. The army-inspired look works well with all structured faces and looks great with a well-groomed beard.

Men Hairstyle To Try Out this Summer
Men Hairstyle To Try Out this Summer

The Chic Men Hairstyle

The chic look is the classy 90’s look that is both messy and playful. The summer is a great time to bring back this look and get your quotient rising.

The Casual Look Hairstyle

The casual look demands a handy blow dryer and a comb primarily for the great party look. It is the preferably low maintenance look that is opted for one and all.

Spikes Men Hairstyle

Spikes have been a trend for a very long time, but fade spikes have been making a more significant impact. This men’s hairstyle is taking over the style game and has become a universal favorite of all.

Faded Mess Hairstyle

With a lot of volume of hair, men can opt for the pale mess. It plays with the texture on your hair and keeps the sides short.

Slick Back Men Hairstyle

The slick back look is achieved by using a gel. The hair is combed back and flipped to one side. Moreover, this hairstyle blends well with a mustache or even a clean-shaven look.

Mid Bald Fade

Men with curly hair texture can go for the bald fade look. It takes some time to style through the curls and define them.

The Side Part

The side part makes the hair flowy and gives it a flexible finish. It has been a top trend in men’s hairstyles that styled to have flexible movement.

The Ivy Look Cut

The retro look seems to have come back in the game once again. The traditional look gives a neat finish to the hair texture and blends downwards to the nape of the neck.

Textured Quiff

The quiff has been the choice for fashionable men both in the past and present. It has revived itself as a trendy style and is likely to give some serious volume to your hair.

Natural Texture

The natural texture is a tidy look and requires a dry spray and blow-dry to keep it flat. The watch can be finished up by using a light oil spray.


The undercut can be a tricky hairstyle to deal with. If not handled properly, it can give drastic results. The main idea is to keep the fringe on top and style it accordingly.

The Man Bun

A messy man bun is a catcher. Not only does it keep your hair tied to the back, but it also gives a look a more relaxed and comfortable feel. It is low maintenance that can be worn even when the hair is dirty.

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