Long Hairstyle Tips For Your Crowning Glory

Long Hairstyle Tips

For both men and women, our hair glorifies the look without a doubt. Though many men aren’t concerned about their hair, women feel differently about it. And women with long hair wish to maintain long, lustrous, and healthy tresses. However, most of us have to deal with the lifeless and dull hair owing to the modern, hectic lifestyle. Therefore the everyday stress, along with the pollution, makes it difficult to maintain long hair. However, with right long hairstyle tips can help you to maintain the long and lustrous hair.

When it comes to following these tips, you have to dedicate yourself to a proper hair care regimen. And these tips will need regular attention and work from your end to give you the dream locks. So, here are some hair care tips that you can follow from today onwards:

Long Hairstyle Tips: Getting To Know Your Hair

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You must understand various cycles of your hair. Each hair strand goes into three stages of the hair cycle: firstly, anagen, secondly catagen, and thirdly telogen. During the anagen stage, the hair stands just get formed. And next is the catagen stage when two-thirds of the hair gets destroyed. Finally, in the telogen stage, the hair strand goes into the resting phase. In this phase, it waits for new hair to takes its place while it falls out. Sometimes, due to numerous reasons, hair strands reach the last stage quickly and hence the hair loss.

Know The Root Problem

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In case you are experiencing hair thinning or hair fall, you must consult a specialist as quickly as possible. Let your doctor find out the root cause of hair fall problem. You would want to control it as early as you can. And it is always wise to get professional help before using any medication on your own.

Long Hairstyle Tips: Oiling Your Hair Twice A Week

Like your body, your health also needs proper nutrition. So, when you apply on the hair roots, it provides strength and nutrition to hair allowing hair strength and growth. And for rejuvenating the dead hair shafts, nothing is like hot oil massage.

Regular Head Massage Is Important

When it comes to the simplest hair care tips for long hair, massaging is one of the best—regular massages the blood circulation and blood flow all throughout the body. And along with that, you can use almond oil or coconut oil for massaging the scalp. When you apply the lavender oil on your hair, it also helps in promoting hair growth. Every girl knows how effective it is to have a good hot oil head massage every week if it is possible.

Long Hairstyle Tips: Skip Daily Shampooing

When you use shampoo on your long hair twice or thrice a week, it helps to get rid-off dirt and tresses of pollution. Therefore, natural oil can penetrate your hair well and hydrate the hair cuticles excellently. However, if you apply it daily, it makes the hair frizzy, dry, and brittle. So, there comes the high probability of breakage. As shampoo contains sulfates, it can cause hair damage if the user is of the excessive amount.

Wash Your Hair Gently

While you are shampooing, always be gentle with your hair. So, firstly cover up your scalp and let the suds slide down your scalp to the strands. Your wet hair remains soft; therefore, rubbing it harshly with shampoo can cause breakage. Of course, while choosing your shampoo, you must choose the right one. Make sure that it properly supports all your hair needs and is greatly based on your hairstyle. When you use a mild shampoo, it locks the natural oils into your hair.

Long Hairstyle Tips: Use Conditioner After Shampooing

For maintaining good hair, you have to condition it thoroughly every time you do shampoo. Proper conditioning locks the moisture in your hair shaft while preventing dryness. Therefore, your long hair gets protection from any pollution and dirt to a great extent. For keeping your hair from getting further damage, the conditioner replaces the proteins and lipids in your hair. So, every time you are shampooing, don’t avoid conditioning your hair with a good conditioner.

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