Kids Hair Care Tips – Using Curly Hair Products For Curly Kids

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For curly kids, proper hair care includes a careful look at the products you choose to apply to their hair. Since the hair is susceptible to breakage and added damage from chemicals as it grows, you must pay special attention to how you treat it. Keeping your curls and waves in place requires a different approach than treating straight hair.

Washing It With A Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

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The first step towards curly hair care involves washing it with a gentle clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos remove build-up from styling products, heat styling tools and hair treatments. This will help keep the curls and waves from becoming frizzy or broken. When you are washing your hair, do not forget to apply a natural, deep conditioning treatment using a good detangling shampoo.

Once you have washed your hair, the best thing to do to gently condition is to use a detangling conditioner. Clarifying shampoo can leave the curls and waves feeling a little rough or dry. However, a high quality detangling conditioner will noticeably softer your locks so it will be easier to manage when you want to style.

Reduce Breakage And Give Your Locks A Smoother Appearance

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Clarifying shampoo will also reduce breakage and give your locks a smoother appearance, but it does not work well on all types of hair. For this reason, some people may choose to use a medicated hair tonic instead of clarifying conditioner. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, a tonic containing kudzu extract and nettle root can help reduce breakage and provide a smoother appearance. Kudzu and nettle root are both anti-bacterial, so they will help to protect the hair shaft from further damage from styling tools and shampoo. For people with straight hair that requires more intense protection, a high quality deep conditioning treatment containing Vitamin E and algae extract can be a better option.

Learn How To Moisturize Properly

It is important for curly kids to be as aware of their hair as those with straight hair so you will need to learn how to moisturize properly. Depending on the season, curly kids will have to moisturize more often than straight children. In addition to the typical oils and extracts, you will also want to consider emollients and smoothing agents. These can help the hair from becoming too greasy and result in breakage.

A sulfate-free curly kinky style is best for curly kids. If your child has wavy or curly hair, you can still maintain smooth and silky smooth locks without the use of a sulfate-free shampoo. A sulfate-free curly kinky style is best for curly kids because it minimizes the scalp’s ability to absorb oil. Also, sulfates can cause the hair to become greasy and thick. However, if your kid has very wavy or curly hair, then you should use a sulfate-free curly kinky style.

Bottom Line

Conditioners add vital moisture to curly hair. However, since a curly hair has a high volume, conditioners may weigh it down. To avoid this, buy a curl control conditioner. Curl control conditioner will help your kid maintain its volume and bounce. Before applying the curl control conditioner, you must apply a leave-in conditioner first so that it does not weigh your kid down. Conditioners also provide bouncy and bounce so you may opt to skip the leave in conditioner and use a detangling spray instead.

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