Kids Curly Hair Care- 5 Important Tips And Products For Their Twirls

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Kids with curly hair look too adorable but honestly speaking, managing their coils is too difficult. And using wrong products may degrade the health and shine of their strands. They need a special cleansing formula for their hair. Here we have some kids’ curly hair care tips.

5 Worthy Tips For Kids With Curly Hair

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Do Not Wash Often

No matter how hard we try to stop kids from getting dirty while playing, they will still come with stains on their clothes. This means their curly hair needs cleansing, too, and it happens every time. But washing hair regularly can make the twirls fragile and dry.

Skip Shampoos With Sulfates

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Sulfates are used in detergents to wipe off the stubborn stains from clothes. However, they do clear the hair properly, but in return, they steal all the natural moisture from the locks. Therefore, use sulfate-free shampoos and, if possible, use conditioner more often than shampoos.

Detangle The Curls

Adults know how difficult it is to detangle the curls. The small knots lock up the dirt and grime from the atmosphere and make them vulnerable. To remove or detangle the knots, use a wide-teeth comb for easy detangling. Also, comb while washing the hair as detangling is easy when hair is wet.

Trim Regularly

Usually, kids don’t get split ends early, but regular trimming can make detangle more manageable. So, trim the sides and dried ends.

Kids Curly Hair Care Products

Every hair care product is specifically designed for adults and kids. Parents should not use their shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming products on kids. Get according to the type of your kid’s hair. Usually, one should look for sulfate, silicone, and paragon-free products.

In general, parents should look for these ingredients while buying the products:

  • Natural butter- Prevent itchy scalp, hair loss, moisturize and helps in hair growth
  • Natural juices like aloe vera that helps in moisture retention
  • Wheat protein helps in repairing the damaged hair
  • Jojoba oil, argan, and other natural oils strengthen the hair

Ditch products that contain alcohol as they make hair frizzy.

Best Hair Care Products For Curly Hair Kids 

Here are a few best in the stores that mothers can opt for hair care of their kids’ curly hair.

  1. Curl-defining shampoo by Johnson- They are made for sensitive scalps, and their hypoallergenic formula nourishes their curls from roots.
  2. Tangle Tamer by Mixed Chicks- A detangling spray can be a lot helpful to unwind the curls without breaking hair strands. This one suits all curl types and is designed with no chemicals.
  3. Leave-In Conditioner By SoCozy- It keeps locks hydrated for long and results in soft and shiny hair. Managing curls are a lot easier with SoCozy conditioner. It has the goodness of jojoba, olive, and vitamin B5.
  4. Leave-in detangler by Kinky Curly Knot-   A great product for those with too many curls. Its natural ingredients and organic slippery elm gives extra shine and detangles hair easily. 
  5. Scalp Shampoo-  Full of healthy vitamins like B complex, C, and peptides.

Before buying any products for kids, get approval from dermatologists

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