How To Use Hair Color And Hair Chalk

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Hair chalk is a solution of hair color that one might apply to their hair for a temporary touch of color. It is a non-lasting hair dye. It can come in different forms, like in a creamy or even powdery texture.

One must remember that hair chalks are for streaks. If one wants to go for a solid color, then hair chalks are not the direction to go.

Types Of Hair Chalks

One must keep the type of hair in mind before using hair chalks, also known as hair crayons. Depending on that, they should go for the following types of hair chalks.

1. Chalk Sticks Used For Hair Colour

These hair chalk sticks come in sets of six colors. They generally are dry and small. One needs to have wet hair before applying them. They last about two to four washes.

How To Use Hair Color And Hair Chalk

How To Use Hair Color And Hair Chalk

2. Compacts Or Tints Used As Hair Color

These tints come in the form of pens or clamps. They work on both dry and wet hair. They can be easily applied and will wash off with one to three washes.

3. Spraying Hair Chalks

Hair chalk sprays are by far the easiest to apply. One can spray it on the area where they would want to add color. They work on dry hair only and last for about one to two washes.

How To Use Hair Color And Hair Chalk

How To Use Hair Color And Hair Chalk

4. Hair Chalks That Are Liquid

These are very much similar to hair dyes and can be considered as just temporary hair color. They come in a set of either a foam or a sponge. They last the longest from two to almost ten washes depending on the hair type. They can only be used on dry hair.

Now, as mentioned earlier, one must consider their hair type before applying these hair colors. Moreover, one must remember the color of their hair and the fact that not every hair color would suit them. The following are some of the ways for choosing the right hair color for the specific hair type.

Hair Color For Brunettes

It is a little difficult for hair colors to show correctly on brunettes. Hence, they need to put in a bit more effort. They should wet their hair and go for hair chalk sticks. Or they can dip the chalk in water, and they would get the same effects. It would take them a little more time to rub chalk on their hair to get the wanted outcome.

Hair Color For Blondes

As contrary to the brunettes, it is easy for hair colors to shine on blonde hair. Hence, they should keep their hair dry lest the color will stay for a more extended period.

Hair Color For Red Hair Or Hair That Has Already Been Dyed

This kind of hair is already familiar with the procedure and hence can take up the color of hair chalks very quickly.

Hair Chalks For Black Hair

Like brunettes, it is tough for colors to show on black hair. Therefore, one must always use bright colors. Moreover, they should first rub white hair chalk as a base and then apply the color. It is essential to leave the hair unconditioned for the color to stay intact.

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