How To Use A Curling Iron?

How To Use A Curling Iron?

You might think that using a curling iron is as simple as pressing it around your hair strands. But there are some rules and regulations you must adhere to when using a curling iron. Some poor quality irons can leave a bad impact on your hair, while there are many that can actually leave a good impact on your hair. With a good impact, we not only mean good looks but also care that your hair does not get damaged with the direct heat.

How To Use A Curling Iron?

Never curl unwashed hair

If you want the best results for curly locks, you should always use a curling iron on freshly washed and dried hair. This prevents your hair from sticking to each other and gives you a very bouncy look.

Do not forget to condition your hair before curling

As you are getting your hair in direct contact with a heating tool, you should condition them properly to prevent any damage. Whether you use a rinse-off conditioner or a leave-in serum, condition your hair well enough before you use a curling iron to leave a good impact on your hair.

Use some leave-in serum right before curling

This is a tactic that most professionals use while straightening or curling your hair. The leave-in serum forms a gentle barrier on your hair strands, preventing from direct damage. You can also use a hair-shine mask that makes your locks look shiny.

Use a hair gel or mousse before you begin curling

If you have very silky or straight hair, your curls will easily come off loose. You should use a hair gel or mousse on your hair before using a curling iron so that your locks remain put.

Use the curling tool on low-mode

Do not use the curling iron on high-mode as it may burn or damage your hair. It is always recommended to use it on the lowest mode.

Shop These Products Online

We have a few hair styling products that can help you groom yourself without causing any damage to your hair. Have a look.

Sport Elastic Headband

How To Use A Curling Iron?
How To Use A Curling Iron?
  • PROTECTION: Protect your eyes from sweat and hair when doing work out activity.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: With high elasticity that can fit most head without giving a headache.
  • NON-SLIP SILICONE GRIP: Prevents the band from slipping from your head and stay tight on your hair no matter how intense you are working out.
  • UNISEX DESIGN: Suitable for both men and women

10pc Magic Hair Rollers

How To Use A Curling Iron?
How To Use A Curling Iron?
  • EASY TO USE: Convenient procedures and less time to curl your hair. Rollers are reusable and washable.  No damage to hair since no chemicals or heat used.
  • SOFT PILLOW HAIR ROLLERS: You can sleep with your hair rollers on, waves and curls are done when you wake up—no worry about chemicals or sleeping on wet hair.
  • DIY SPONGE: Flexible design, be creative to do your own curly and body wave hairs.
  • EASY CARRY AND STORE: Lightweight with transparent zipper bag suitable for travel.
  • MATERIAL: Sponge
  • COLOR: Pink
  • SIZE: 21 cm x 4 cm
  • PACKAGE: 10 pcs/set

10pc No Heat Hair Roller Curlers

How To Use A Curling Iron?
How To Use A Curling Iron?
  • SOFT RUBBER: Silicone curlers that you can even sleep with it on; when waking up curly hair wave is done.
  • NO HEAT: A hair styling tool without electric hair and perm plastic damage.
  • EASY TO USE: For all hair types, wet or dry, curly, loose or wavy hair.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: It comes with a zipper bag for convenient storage, especially for travel.
  • MATERIAL: Resin
  • COLOR: Blue/Pink
  • PACKAGE: 5 pcs large/5 pcs small
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