How To Curl Your Hair naturally- 9 No-Heat Ways

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Using curling irons can be quite difficult. Moreover, the irons produce heat for curling hair. That can be harmful to one’s mane. Therefore, it is better to opt for other options. In this article, let’s discuss how to curl your hair naturally. The following are some of the ways in which it can be done.

How to curl your hair naturally

1. Scrunching For Curling Hair

Scrunching is one of the easiest ways to curl one’s hair. After washing the hair, then condition the ends of the hair. Then, on the damp hair, apply a little gel. Then keep scrunching, and soon the hair will have that curly look.

2. Pinning To Get Curly Hair Naturally

Detangled, washed and conditioned are the criteria of the hair. Apply a little bit of gel and then take strands of hair to form loops. Pin the loops of hair and keep them overnight. The next morning wake up with wonderful curls.

3. Braiding The Hair To Get Wavy Hair

When the hair is 70% dry part it and braid on both sides, keep the braids on till the hair dries up. After that finger comb the hair, one can apply some hairspray for long-lasting curls.

curl your hair naturally
curl your hair naturally

4. Rolling The Hair Up With Velcro Rollers

Take sections of your damp hair. The sections should be fine enough for the velcro to stick. Roll the sections of hair up and stick them. It should firmly stick to the scalp. Keep them for a couple of hours until the hair dries out. This gives a nice curly hair look.

5. Making Bantu Knots To Get Curls

This process works best on almost dried out hair. Take sections of hair and twist them like a rope. Then pin it with a pin. Repeat this for every section of hair until or are in Bantu knots. Put a shower cap on a leave them overnight. In the morning, finger comb the hair. 

6. The Paper Towel Method For Curling Hair

Take a paper towel and fold it until it is a few inches long and an inch wide. Take a section of hair and roll it up around the paper towel. The roll the section upwards till it sticks to the scalp. Repeat the process for every section of hair. Leave them overnight. Next morning finger-comb your hair. 

7. How to curl your hair naturally with The Sock Method to get natural curls

Take the damp hair and make a bun a sock by cutting the end of the sock and rolling the ponytailed hair through its hole to make a bun. Leave it overnight or at least a few hours. Like the previous methods, finger comb once the hair is dry.

8. The Headband Method

Like the sock method, put the damp hair around the headband. Use bobby pins to hold them. Once dry, you know what to do.

9. Twist Buns For Hair Curling

Like the Bantu knot method twist the hair into buns, but here just two buns after parting the hair will do the work.

These methods work wonderfully and can maintain the health of the hair.

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