Hairstyle Tips And Tricks For Both Men And Women

hairstyle tips and tricks

Have you ever been to a bar or even a hair salon and asked what hairstyle tips and tricks they had to offer? If you have you probably left the establishment shaking your head in wonder. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as walking into a salon and asking for a medium long hairstyle. Most people can’t even cut their own hair short. So why do men and women walk into these places, trying to get the edge on everyone else?

An Overview

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The simple answer is there are tons of hairstyle trends that are not just for adults anymore. Back in the day, it was all about short and spiky hair. Now we have short hair, long hair, and ponytails. The days of only short hair for teenage boys are long gone. So if you want to look good then you need to know what is new and trendy.

One of the most popular trends among short men is the faux Pompadour. This is a very simple style that is usually cut short to the sides but still has that sharp edge to it. With this hairstyle you can wear a simple blouse or t-shirt overtop and some simple shoes. You can also choose to add some pomade or glitter to give it a little more substance.

Another one of the top hairstyles for men is the flat top hairstyle. These are easy to maintain because all you need is a flat iron and a trim every six weeks or so. If you want to add some color to it then you could try a fade. Some other great fades that are not too common are the French twist, up do, down do, and the crew cut. These are all simple variations of the classic ponytail.

Amazing Tips

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Another super trendy style is the pony-o. This is a very cute hairstyle that is easy to pull off. Many people will choose to do this style without a ponytail because the look is really cute when it is done with a messy bun hairstyle. Pony-o hairstyles can be worn in a number of different ways, so you can be as creative as you want.

Of course, one of the best hairstyles for men is the bald look. This is also very common amongst men that have short hair… read between the lines! The bald look is very easy to pull off with this hairstyle. You need to start by pulling your hair up into a pony tail. Then, you can pull your hair back so that you are only cutting about one third of the way down your hair. Then, you can take a section at the top of the ponytail and add gel to it to create some volume.

Long Hairstyle

If you are going to be doing a long hairstyle, such as a mullet, then you need to take the time to find the right kind of hair product for your situation. There are many different kinds of hair product on the market today, but not all of them are good for long or short hair styles. Many people have problems with their hair products and find that they end up with greasy hair… read between the lines. If you use a hair product that is supposed to be good for long hair, but is not suited for short hairstyles, then this can make your hair looks terrible…read ahead about how to remedy this issue before trying out any new products.


One of the best short hairstyles for both men and women is the super shag. This is a look that is extremely popular right now, and it looks fantastic. It is a very cute look that you can pull off at home, or at the office. In order to pull off a super shag, you will need to have medium length hair, preferably around five or six inches in length. You then want to pull most of the hair back so that you have a clean shag and also put a small amount of hairspray on the roots to keep them looking healthy.

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