How To Get That Soap Opera Curl Look With Styling Tips

Tips And Ideas On How To Maintain Natural Hair Growth

Curly hair was a rage in the vintage era. Every film star sported curly hair to look beautiful and fashionable. But not every curly hair look was appreciated. You need to style your curly locks in such a way that they look beautiful. Here are some curly hair styling tips to make your hair look like that of celebrities in soap operas.

Curly Hair Styling Tips

Straight and Short Bangs

You can style your hair in such a way that it falls in short and curly bangs on the sides of your face. You can let these fall from a center parting or a side parting. But curly bangs framing your face look very natural and pretty. You can tie up the rest of your hair in a pony tail or let it fall lose.

Curly Hair Styling Tips
Curly Hair Styling Tips

Loose Curls

Loose curls also look very pretty on your face. You can use curlers to style your hair in such a way that curls come out of your bun, bouffant, or ponytail. In the vintage era, women did not have steam rollers as they have today. They used to tie up their hair tightly at night before sleeping to get curls the next day.


If you have a lot of curls on the forehead, leave them parting towards the side or via a middle parting. This will enhance your face and broaden your forehead. You can style the rest of your hair the way you want.


A bouffant was one of the most common hairstyles for women with curly hair. It was made in such a way that the top of the head appeared to have a crown. The hair was then combed back into a bun or a ponytail. The bouffant looked very done up and pretty.

Curly Hair Styling Tips
Curly Hair Styling Tips

Curly Hair Care Tips

  • Always opt for sulfate-free shampoos and shampoos that suit your hair type.
  • You should always trim your hair regularly to ensure healthy growth and to prevent split ends.
  • A proper hair care routine will ensure that your hair remains healthier and shinier.
  • Do not use heating devices for curling your hair such as steam irons or curlers. Use them on rare occasions as they cause a lot of damage to your hair.
  • One should consult a good hair care expert for recommendations on the type of product to be used for their hair.
  • Eat a good and healthy diet containing all essential nutrients so that your hair gets nourishment from within.
  • Do not use a lot of chemicals on your hair such as highlights or hair color.
  • You should apply oil to your hair regularly as this enhances the circulation in your hair follicles and makes your hair healthy and shiny.

If you take good care of your curls and style them like the ways mentioned above, then you will definitely rock the curly-haired look like that in soap operas. So, do not try to straighten your curly locks as these look beautiful too. You can use rollers of various kinds to enhance your curls.

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