Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

Ever wondered how celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston got their hair looking the way they do? Or have you ever found yourself wishing to rock your hair the way they do? Hair straightening iron is the answer.
Also known as flat irons, millions of ladies use these hairstyling tools. They use this to create shiny, super straight frizz-free hairstyles seen all over the globe. You can use them from red carpet affairs to the runway, although these celebrities have the privilege of being able to afford expensive hairstylists. However, you don’t need them if you aim to give yourself that look.
You can take matters into your own hands with this styling tool and recreate the look that you desire. This article will provide you with all the essential information that will put you through on why you need hair straighteners, as well as the pros and cons of using one.

What Makes Hair Curly?

Before elaborating on the need for hair straighteners, it is essential to understand why you are going to need them in the first place.
The state of your hair, whether curly or straight, depends mainly on the shape of your follicles. Oval follicles are responsible for the production of curly hair, while straight hair is a product of circular follicles. However, the shape of your hair follicle notwithstanding, you can choose to take total control over how straight or how curly you want your hair to be. This can be achieved with the aid of a hair straightener.
Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

The Mechanism Behind Hair Straighteners

Heat and water can either weaken or break the hydrogen bonds in your hair. It allows your hair to take on whatever style you want, at least for some time. The hydrogen bonds serve as bonding elements that hold the keratin of the hair together. The keratin forms a part of the cortex or part of the shaft, which gives the hair its appearance.

These hydrogen bonds act as the glue that holds the hair shape together, and they can be altered in two ways; through the use of heat or water.

Water and heat can break and weaken the hydrogen bonds, allowing for the rearrangement of the hair. This explains why wet, straight hairs can be curled through the use of curlers. This also explains why a flat iron can straighten curly hair and a curling iron curls straight hair. However, this is also the reason why the effects of curlers and hair straighteners are temporary.

The hydrogen bonds which were quickly altered to take on a new style can also be reversed or changed to their original state, usually through the use of water. That is why a hot, humid, or rainy day can ruin a well-crafted heat styling.

Types Of Hair Straighteners

Most hair straightening irons are made of ceramic. This is necessary because ceramic distributes heats evenly, resulting in less damage to hair follicles. Some of these straightening irons are known to emit negative ions that aid the body in the release of healthy nutrients to the hair shaft. On the other hand, cheaper straightening irons are made from metal and coated in ceramic and which produce inferior looking hair.

Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

Hair Straighteners Is Not Only For The Celebs

Benefits Of Hair Straighteners

The benefits that accrue to the use of a straightening iron include the flexibility of changing your hairstyle at your discretion, quick heating time, and the reduction of frizz. There are straightening irons that are adapted for use on various hairstyles, ranging from thin to thick, curly to wavy. Some models of hair straighteners are lightweight while spotting ergonomic designs.

The hair straightener is easy to use the device and can be kept at home for personal needs. This is one right way of saving yourself the cost of going to a salon. The average hair straightener’s temperature can be adjusted from 120C to 220C (240F to 450F), which can help you adopt different styles for your hair.

This device can style any hair instantly, giving your hair that gorgeous look that you always crave. The average hair straightener is light-weighted with a weight of about 1.4 lb. This allows for easy carriage, even on a trip.

Disadvantages Of Hair Straighteners

One major problem of using a hair straightening iron is that the hair tends to develop a dry, brittle texture over a long period of usage and is often exposed to damages. Regular use of hair straighteners can also result in split ends.

The best models out there are expensive but will leave a gentler impression on your hair. These models can cost up to $500. Individuals with extremely curly and thick hair may experience a higher degree of damage when compared to others as a result of the fact that it takes more time and effort to straighten it.

However, some of the damages and adverse effects that arise from the use of hair straighteners can be reduced drastically through the use of leave-in conditioners and heat protection sprays.


Some other cons accrue to the use of hair straightening iron in the process of styling curly or wavy hair. Top of the list is the fact that the look is only temporary. Peradventure, you get caught up in a brief rain or an unfavorable weather condition like a humid day, all your efforts and looks might go with the wind.

Again, washing your hair after a while will also reverse the process, leaving your hair back to its typical style. You may also want to consider using an iron with bigger plates if you happen to have very thick hair. However, you also have to note that straightening irons with bigger plates often come out much more cumbersome and more difficult to use.


Hair straightening irons afford users convenience and ease of adopting hairstyles that they feel most comfortable in. It is also essential that you try your best not to overdo the whole process in order not to leave your hair damaged in the end.

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