Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use

Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use

The hair rollers can be used by dividing the hair into different strands, at least as wide as the rollers. Of course, you should keep in mind that the hair must be wet in case you are using dry electric rollers. Then you comb the strand up, place the roller on the tip, and start to roll up to the root. Then repeat the process with all the free tufts of your head. Once you have all the rollers in place, you must wait for the hair to dry (if you prefer, you can use a dryer too). And finally, carefully remove the rollers. You can apply lacquer to prolong the results.

Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use
Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use

Features And Benefits

Velcro rollers or, as they are also known “hedgehogs,” this is a great tool for combing and drying hair. Previously, they were “widely known in a narrow circle” of hair industry masters, but they soon went beyond the reach of beauty salons. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Rollers do not need additional tweezers (for example, elastic bands or clips), because their surface is sticky. Due to the specifical design of it many small hooks are there that adhere to the hair. Thus, preventing the curl from unrolling.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • In a short time, they can give you a pomp volume. Keep them 10-15 minutes – and that’s it! By the way, such curling irons can even replace a hairdryer: twist threads dry very quickly.
  • Pretty women with naturally curly hair will be delighted with the fact that duct tape is able to straighten their violent curls a bit. It will be especially essential for those who do it regularly and have already managed to ruin their hair with an iron.
  • If you like diversity, then you can buy several sets of rollers of different sizes. So you have several options: the volume at the roots, large curls, small curls.

Types Of Hair Rollers

  • Velcro rollers, to raise the root curl.
  • Flexi rods, with which you will not need clips or pins.
  • Foam roller, perfect to go to sleep with them for their softness.
  • Hot rollers, with which you will get a faster and more lasting effect.
  • Tape rollers, with which you will get fantastic ringlets.
Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use
Hair Rollers: A Guide On How To Use

What To Consider When Buying Hair Rollers

Each person has different hair in the world. For that reason and depending on the type of hairstyle you want to wear, you can have different needs when buying some rollers. That’s why you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Select which type of curl suits you best, either by the type of hair or by the hairstyle you want. Small, large, wide. traditional or electric.
  • In case of choosing thermal rollers, you must choose a set that does not damage your hair in each use.
  • The rollers do not bother you and are comfortable to wear and remove.
  • And of course, that the final result suits your desire. Although, as you know, the results with the rollers are not permanent.
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