Hair Loss Prevention – Learn How To Prevent Hair Loss And Get Back Your Beautiful Hair

Hair tips

Hair loss can be a person’s biggest nightmare. A person’s hair is deemed as an important aspect of one’s personality and it is greatly valued and taken care of by one and all. Everyone aspires to have a celebrity like gorgeous hair and would not think twice before spending money on costly hair products or costly hair treatments. But in spite of spending so much on hair, many people suffer from dull and weak hair. Hair fall, dandruff, split ends and brittle hair are some of the major hair problems faced by one and all. As and when a person ages, the body loses its natural tendency to regrow healthy hair. It is at this time that extra care has to be taken to protect and nourish one’s precious tresses.

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Regular Oiling:

Highly disliked by all, oiling is an important procedure in curbing hair fall. People dislike it because of its stickiness and the smell. But one should remember that good oil not only nourishes the hair but it also nourishes the scalp.

Mild Shampoo:

Using a mild or a herbal shampoo protects the hair from the harmful effects of harsh chemicals and keeps it clean at the same time.

Keep dandruff at bay:

Dandruff is a major factor for hair fall. Generally people get it in winters and this blocks the hair roots leading to hair fall. Dandruff is nothing but dead cells of the scalp which deposit on the scalp between the hair. One should use lemon, curd, hot oil treatments and other such treatments to keep dandruff at bay.

Proper and balanced diet:

The most important factor in retaining your lustrous hair is a proper and balanced diet infused with a lot of vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy growth of the hair.

Regular trimming:

This factor is largely overlooked by many but is also one of the most important factors in stopping hair fall. As the hair grows, the roots become weak and these need to be regularly trimmed to stimulate proper growth.

Thus, by following certain basic remedies, one can easily keep hair fall at bay. Girls and women should stay away from chemical treatments like hair ironing, perming, curling or straightening as these lead to hair fall.

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