What You Need To Know About Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal hair loss is a reversible process and should not cause much concern as it lasts for 2 months approximately a year. In case of severe hair loss, professional help must be taken. As hair loss is normal, so is speedy growth. Hair grows at a great speed and so the hair fall is not noticed. A person should not be concerned with hair fall until unless one finds thinning of hair, balding patches, and rough and brittle hair. In such cases, professional help must be sought to find out about any other underlying problem.

Reasons For Seasonal Hair Loss

  • Humans tend to shed 50 to 100 hairs in a day which is considered normal. But during spring and autumn, many people notice an increased rate of hair fall. Actually what happens, is that throughout the year one might have hair fall close to the lower limit i.e. 50 hairs a day, and during autumn and spring this limit increases to 100. So, it makes one believe that season change triggers hair fall.
  • Research says that a typical strand of hair has a life cycle of 2 to 6 years but around 10% of a person’s hair goes into a resting phase known as ‘telogen’. During the telogen phase, the hair can fall out. Studies reveal that this telogen occurs mostly around July after which the affected hair falls during October or November.
  • Another theory reveals that humans grow more hair during the summer months to protect the scalp from the ultraviolet rays and the hot sun. In autumn, this additional growth is not necessary anymore and hence it sheds.
  • Some scientists believe that hair life cycle changes due to the action of prolactin and melatonin levels in the body. The changes in the intensity of the solar heat during these seasons have an impact on the hormonal proportions and the melatonin secretion in the human body resulting in hair loss. The change in the environment poses an impact on hair follicles. As temperature varies from country to country, people in northern countries might experience severe seasonal hair fall in the month of November, while some in other countries may experience in October.

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