Hair Extensions: Evolution In Styling

Hair Extensions-The Evolution Of Hairstyles

What Are Hair Extensions?

Natural hair extensions are of the best quality and they provide the hair with more volume. For a temporary change in their style, synthetic hair extensions are a cheaper option. Since the early 21st century, extensions have become fashion accessories.

Hair Extensions-The Evolution Of Hairstyles
Hair Extensions-The Evolution Of Hairstyles

What Are The Different Types Of Extensions?

Tape Ins:

  • Tape Ins are extensions that are taped around the user’s natural strands.
  • Someone who is looking for an alternative to add more length and volume to their natural hair can go for Tape Ins.

Micro Rings:

  • Individual strands of hair are attached seperately using a tiny copper ring.
  • Adds colour to one’s hair.

Clips Ins:

  • Can be used in various temporary ways to change the style and length of the hair.
  • Easiest way to change hairstyles and add colour to it.


  • Extensions are tied up in a braid.
  • Offers a lot of length and volume to the hair.
Hair Extensions-The Evolution Of Hairstyles
Hair Extensions-The Evolution Of Hairstyles

Can Hair Extensions Cause Damage To Your Hair?

Usually, the extensions are never an issue, but handling them is. The extensions supposedly affect your natural hair and cause harm to the scalp. The natural hair strands are prone to get damaged if the clip on’s are not attached or removed properly. If the extensions are attached too tightly, they can end up making the scalp itchy. Therefore the chances of hair loss increases. Moreover, it is advised to have the extensions applied by professionals to reduce the risk of scalp related roughness.

How To Prevent Hair Fall Caused By Hair Extensions?

A visit to a professional stylist can correct any kind of minute hair damage, while a more damaged hair might require medical assistance(hair loss treatment )before it grows back into healthy natural hair. Often a haircut may be useful to correct such an error, depending on the magnitude of damage. Furthermore, it is important to take the necessary precautions before heading on to apply for extensions. Be gentle while applying them and extra careful while removing them. Otherwise, there might be hair fall to a great extent.

Hollywood’s Take

Hair extensions have been dominating the Hollywood circle ever since the early 2000s. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez have been adding extensions to their hair for a long time. Celebrity stylist Jen Atkins, who handles the styling of Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen is in support of applying for extensions, considering they are applied with care. Kendall Dorsey, whose clients include Solang and Lizzo uses wigs and extensions on her clients occasionally. Ken Paves, stylist to stars such as Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham says putting on hair has simply become a part of their wardrobe. Since Hollywood does not shy away from experimenting, adding extravagant volume to one’s hair is not a surprise. Rapper Nicki Minaj supposedly sports 36 inches of hair in additions to the natural one. Celebrities prefer changing their looks occasionally and using extensions is a go-to-in every situation.

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