Hair Curling Wand Habits That You Should Stop

Hair Curling Wand

Many people like to try their hand at some hair curling with a hair curling wand. However, they usually do not stop there and end up giving up the whole hair curling experience because they are unable to get the desired results.

How To Choose The Correct Hair Curling Wand?

You can not just pick any kind of wand for your hair. There is a very wide variety of different brands and types of wand available in the market. So, you have to be very careful while choosing the wand for your hair because it is the most vital part of your hair care.

If you want to succeed in your hair curling venture, you need to make sure that the quality of the hair curling iron is really good. If the wand is made of good quality metal or wooden or it is made of metal with wood as well, it will surely give you a professional look. You should also ensure that the wand is not too big and is not too small.

What Are The Various Hair Curling Wands Available?

The various kinds of wand available in the market have different types of attachments to use them with. You can use a straight brush attachment, curling brush, or a flat brush attachment depending on your choice. But it is important that you keep your hair short. A long curling wand may cause discomfort for your hair when you are using it.

How To Use The Hair Curling Wand Correctly?

Use Hair Curling Wand Correctly
Use Hair Curling Wand Correctly

When you start your curling session, make sure that the wand is hot enough so that your hair does not become dry or frizzy. This may cause your hair to stand or coil.

After a few minutes, you should remove the hot water from the hair curling wand and allow it to cool down. Do not use hot water for cleansing. It might cause the frizz of your hair. Also, if you have thick hair, it may require more than one treatment and it would take a longer time to eliminate the hair frizz.

Once you have your hair dried and you do not have frizz, you can now start styling your hair. If you do not have any gel or serum, you can easily apply moisturizing shampoo. on your hair while you are curling. If you are using a wand that has no attachments, simply smooth the hair until it looks shiny and smooth. You can also check these hair curling tips to curl like a pro!

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair?

If you find your hair is getting frizzy, you may have to use a hot curling wand to get rid of the frizz. Then you can use a gel or serum to keep your hair nice and shiny after you have completed the curling session. Always try to use different brands of the wand so that you do not end up losing your hair in the process.

You can find some creams or gels that are made specifically for curly hair. Use these to style your hair and you will definitely be delighted with your result.

The last step is to attach a hot wand to a comb. and begin styling. Once the styling is complete, rinse your hair with cool water and allow it to dry completely. In the end, you may want to add some moisturizing conditioner and use a little heat to your hair.

In Conclusion

Styling is all about adding layers and experimenting to get your desired look. If your style is not satisfactory, you can always try again. or use a different style or use curling water to achieve a new look.

Styling your hair with a curling wand is easy once you know the techniques. Once you master this technique, you will soon find your hairstyle is a permanent one.

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