Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair – 10 Ideas

Hair color ideas one might think that  curly hair is difficult and handle. One might feel that there are limited options when it comes to styling curly hair. Well that is so not true. There are some vibrant range of colors that one can use on curly hair. Here are some hair color ideas or tips that one can use on curly hair. The outcome will be fabulous.

1. Bold Red Color For Hair

Deep red color can really accentuate the curls. A fiery shade of dark red can go a long way. It can be either rich and deep hue of red or can be a little for vibrant with different shades of red.

Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair - 10 Ideas

Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair – 10 Ideas

2. Hair Color Tip: Mix Of Brown And Blonde

If one cannot decide whether to go for brown or blonde, they can opt for both. The mix of brown and blonde, or “bronde” has a sun kissed effect. It is basically a base of brown color with blonde highlights.

3. Hair Color : Honey Blonde

If one wants to go blonde then they can try out the trendy honey blonde touch. It will make their curls look amazing giving a touch of light gold to it.

4. Gray Color Hair

No, not gray hair due to age or a liver problem, the trend is to go gray on purpose. This color idea has been taken up by many. It really highlights the curls and gives quite a unique touch to the hair.

5. Red Wine Color

This can appear similar to the first hair color tip on bold red. But this color deserves its own platform. Just like the wine it looks irresistible.

6. Oil Slick

This is one extraordinary choice of hair colors, where all the colors of a rainbow is seen. It is called oil slick as it resembles the color of rainbow seen in an oil puddle. It goes best on dark colored or black hair.

7.  Rose Gold Color For Hair

This is one color that just looks good on anything. So why not use it as a hair color on one’s curls. It is a mixture of elegance with a touch of frivolity. The mane dipped in this shade will look too good.

8.  Bold Purple Color

If one wants to stand out in the crowd with exceptional curls floating around, this is the hair color they should go with. The deep purple hues are truly eye-catching and the hair in this shade looks amazing. It can be a temporary hair color or even a permanent one.

9. Hair Color : Two-toned

Two toning the colors add to the sophistication of the curls. But it is tricky because one has to choose the right color. But if that is achieved, then it can look pretty amazing and one of the hair color ideas.

10. Hair Tip: Metallic

Nothing looks more beautiful on your hair than one of the metallic shades like silver, gold or something else. It is not done by many and looks quite unique.

Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair - 10 Ideas

Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair – 10 Ideas

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