Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair – The Tips That Are Worth Trying

hair care tips for dry hair

Coconut Oil is predominantly used by the peoples who wish to stay healthy rather than using vegetable oil. It is a good moisturizer for scalp skin which helps in removing excess oil from our skin. Its use is not limited because it has tremendous features for the users who wish to live a healthy life. Here are some Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair.

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair – Reasons for Dry & Itchy Scalp

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Many peoples usually get confused relating dry scalp with dandruff. Both these differ from each other with separate symptoms. The following are some of the reasons which cause your scalp to get dry and itchy:

• Using certain hair products may result in a dry and itchy scalp. Straightening, curling, or using a hairdryer regularly may result in a dry scalp. 

• Due to excess anxiety, the hormone changes happen which in turn affects the pH content present in the scalp. It triggers the scalp to be itchy and dry.

• Eczema is the main cause of a dry and itchy scalp. It is also be known as Seborrheic Dermatitis which is the main reason for cause of dandruff.

• The skin condition which is affected by Psoriasis if caused in the scalp might lead to heavier risks than other parts of the body. It will lead to a dry and itchy scalp in turn.  

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair – How Coconut oil helps in the case of Dry & Itchy Scalp?

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Coconut oil helps in moisturizing the skin and also soothes the scalp. Thus, it reduces irritation and dandruff which is a commonly known issue for adults as well as kids. The antibacterial elements in the coconut oil drive off the infections that may occur in your hair follicles like folliculitis. Using coconut oil is not good for your scalp alone but also for your hair. Applying Coconut oil twice a week may reduce the itching as well as the dry nature of your scalp. This oil also has the tendency to kill the fungus named Malassezia which causes dandruff. 

Hair Care Tips For Dry Hair – Method to use Coconut Oil for Dry & Itchy Scalp

To get cure from oil and dry scalp, try to follow the below steps:

• Normally wash your hair and keep it in a wet condition. 

• Gently rub your hair with 1 to 3 spoons of coconut oil and massage it gently into the scalp.

• After applying the oil, wrap your hair for nearly one to two hours in a towel. 

• In order to remove the excess oil, rinse both the shampoo and oil from your hair.


When combining coconut oil with castor oil in the ratio of 1:1 provides more benefits for your dry and itchy scalp. Also, combine coconut oil with lavender oil to make your scalp free from itchiness. Coconut oil works fine for your hair as it is for all other parts of your body. For better results, start using coconut oil and check how well this oil works for you.

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