Hair Care For Curly Kids – Different Hair Care Tips For Babies, Toddlers, And Growing Children

curly kids hair care

From wiry curly, kinky, and frizz-free to a combination of different textures, Curly Kids products condition, smooth, moisturize, and detangles the curly strands. Some are textured so that they can be shaped into curls or straight hair. Others are so gentle and shiny that they are able to retain their curl for a longer period of time. There is a product for every curly kid’s needs.

Try Textured Products Work

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Although you probably do not want to use natural hair products on your baby’s natural curls, some textured products work wonders on them. Since the curls are very fine, the texture has to be extremely smooth so that the curls are not too frizzy. Also, since curly kids tend to have a lot of energy, try to avoid excessively harsh shampoos, conditioners, or hair care products that have an extreme degree of conditioning oils in them. This will only cause more damage and retard the healing process. If you must use shampoo, use it moderately and rinse thoroughly after each use.

Use A Gentle Shampoo And Conditioner

It is very important to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner on your little one. If you are using a thick, rich shampoo for your curly child, it may cause breakage and excessive dryness. Also, if you have mixed race toddlers with normal hair, be sure that you only use shampoo and conditioners specifically formulated for mixed race toddlers and adults. These hair products were created for those children whose complexions are already extremely delicate and textured, so they need extra gentle cleansers.

After shampooing, your kid should have a moisturizing conditioner and an optional deep conditioner. These two products work together to keep your kid extremely soft and to strengthen and add luster to his or her natural hair. If you want to deep condition your toddler’s hair, you can pour some deep conditioner into the palm of your kid’s hands before washing. If you use this natural hair care technique, you can be assured that your kid will receive optimum moisture after every wash.

Prone To Frizz Than Their Straight Counterparts

Curly kids are more prone to frizz than their straight counterparts, because they have so many tiny curls in their hair. If you can’t stand frizz, you should let your kid use a hair dryer instead of blow drying his or her hair. But if you want your kid to look smooth and silky all the time, blow drying is not advisable at all. If you wish to protect your kids from damaging their hair, you should only use hair dryers that have a minimum of heat protection level and that are specially designed to handle curly hair.


You can also find baby shampoos that contain aloe vera and chamomile. These natural hair care products are excellent at preventing dandruff, which is common among infants and toddlers. In addition to preventing dandruff, they also make hair softer and easier to manage. Using baby shampoo that contains these ingredients is the best way to take care of your baby’s mane.

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