Genius Makeup Hacks That Every Woman Needs – Hack 6 Saved Me More Than Once On Busy Mornings

Makeup is innately part of every woman’s life. Doing your makeup helps you enhance your features, look more put-together, and basically improve your overall appearance. Makeup, like everything else, requires a level of mastery and familiarity in order for you to get good at it. And it’s really important that you become good at it because it means looking better and more presentable for every important meeting you have. Here are some genius makeup hacks that every woman should know about.

White Eyeliner

White eyeliner may be bizarre on its own, but you can use it to make the eyeshadow pop. Basically, lather the pencil over your lid. This will leave you with a plain and white canvas to work with. Add the eyeshadow and top, and voila! You’ll find that their colors are more vibrant than when you choose to place the eyeshadow directly on your eyelids.

A person wearing a stone building

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