Funky and Beautiful Hairstyle for Girls

Hairstyle for Girls

Girls enjoy change, and thus they try out different styling options to get themselves on top of the front page. For girls, the most beautiful change is their varied hairstyles. That’s the central crown of their beauty. Buns are the most effortless and beautiful Hairstyle for Girls. Apart from these, updos and knots are the most accessible and easy-going hairstyles that most girls and women like. 

Here are some funky and easy-going hairstyles that you can try out for yourself or your daughters. 

Hairstyle for Girls # 1: Flower Braid

Flower Braid is the cutest Hairstyle for Girls
Flower Braid is the cutest Hairstyle for Girls
  • Get two small sections of your hair. 
  • Now make two little ponytails on both sides of the middle section and secure them with small rubber or pin by bringing them together in the backside by rolling them tightly. 
  • Then, braid the ponytail that you gathered back and again secure it. 
  • Twist that braid around in a circle and secure it in a place with hair-pins or bobby pins. Make Sure that the outer edges appear fuller.

Hairstyle for Girls # 2: Quick Halo HairBraid

Weave two long Dutch Braids and secure it in the opposite section of the hair, and you will get a beautiful halo effect. It is that simple!

This hairstyle is said to be a Bohemian inspired style that makes you look elegant and jazzy. 

This style is best for almost all occasions and easy to master yourself at home.

Hairstyle for Girls # 3: Messy Bun

Getting late for your romantic date?

Try out this super easy and cute hairstyle for girls that will meet your comfort calls for an evening date, or even for a weekend party, official meet, or family function. Follow the following steps and get ready in a few minutes!

  • Get a ponytail high on the back. 
  • Now crumple it up into a bun and secure it thoroughly with the help of bobby pins or hair-pins.
  • Loosen up some hairpieces so that your bun looks voluminous.
  • Decorate it with any embellishments of your choice.

Hairstyle for Girls # 4: Double Knotted Pony

Look gorgeous and smart with this splendid hairstyle and bum around the beach-side with grace. 

Section your hair into two equal parts.Tying a knot, coil the right section about the left and pull the tip upwards. Secure the knot against the head.

With this same procedure, make the other knot and tie it tightly over the first one. 

Now secure both the knots together with a hair elastic. Stretch the knots a little outwards to get volume, and you are done!

Hairstyle for Girls # 5: Pure Braid Pony

Try Out Pure Braid Pony Hairstyle for Girls
Try Out Pure Braid Pony Hairstyle for Girls

This hairstyle for girls is the simplest of all and looks merely adorable on any face.

Again separate the front top section from one end to the other and clip the remaining section so that it doesn’t mess up with the top one. 

  • Start with any one ear side of your hair, and split the portion into three parts to make a braid. Keep on blending the left across the middle, and then the right covering the left. In the subsequent section, combine in some extra hair of your hairline.
  • Now make a lace braid from one side of the ear to the other and secure it with an elastic(on another ear side). 
  • Getting back to the remaining section of your entire hair- gather all remaining hair and make a side ponytail. Do not make it too tight. 
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