Foam Hair Rollers Set For You

Foam Hair Rollers Set For You

Hair is an asset of every girl out there. Some like it long, while others cut it short. There are various types of hair structure and shapes. The variety of hair types include straight hairs, curly hairs, semi-curly hairs, and many more. However, some people consider changing their hairstyles. There are a large number of girls with straight hair and want curly hairs. Hair Rollers Set is one such tool which helps one to curl their hairs.

Foam Hair Rollers 12 Pcs Set

One of the easiest and safest ways to style your hair is through using these foam hair rollers set 12 pcs. What is great about this product is that you get the same results as a regular curling iron minus the heat. However, you will not apply heat to your hair. In addition to that, you can use it at night and wake up with excellent results in the morning. Although it may seem hard at first, it is effortless. Moreover, you can still have a good night sleep. You will barely notice that you have rollers in your hair.

How To Prepare Your Hair?

You can apply these hair rollers in the morning or at night. First, wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of dirt and other products. Second, dry your hair using a blower or wait for it to naturally dry by air. Lastly, apply setting lotion to make sure that the curls will last longer.

How To Apply The Curlers?

After preparing your hair, the next part is the application of the curlers. First, clip your hair into different sections. It is up to you if how much hair you want to leave per article. You can adjust the parts of the hair while starting from one section. Second, get about 1-2 inches of hair. Third, grab one of the curlers and place it at the topmost of the sectioned hair. Finally, roll over the curled up to the scalp. Once you reach the scalp, close the roller through clipping it from end to end. Repeat this process until you finish all sections of your hair.

How To Release The Curls From Hair Rollers Set?

After a few hours of applying the curlers, you may now release them to see the results. All you have to do is roll the curlers to the tips of the hair. You can also apply hair spray to make the hair stay longer.


The Hair Rollers Set is a fantastic tool which one uses to get those natural curls they lack. Curly hair attracts a lot of attention. Some people permanently curl their hairs to change their appearance. The hair set provides with much help to the people with straight hairs. Some find it much appealing, while others want a makeover. The product is beneficial for the girls who wish to curl hairs. However, these curls are not permanent and will change once the hair is washed thoroughly.

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