Fashionable Hair Clips for Women

Fashionable Hair Clips for Women

Hair clips have been in fashion for a long time. You would see them in picture books of children all over the world. Everyone is in love with their new hair clip or cap. Though there is a market for these hair accessories, they are not a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

If you are a hair stylist and take a look at a fashion magazine and different hair accessory websites, you will find that clip in women’s hair is not quite in fashion. It is a fashion accessory but not a part of it. The hats, headbands, head-pieces, and cowls are getting so popular that the fashion for these pieces are limited. Hats, caps, headbands, and cowls are worn as decorations and adornments on the head while clips remain as beauty products.

Hairclips are no longer essential to keep your hair up. It is not that women no longer use them. On the contrary they use them very much. As they say, the hairdresser is a fashionista as well as a cosmetician.

There are some fashion-conscious fashionistas who even use clips as styling accessories. There are also those who have large hair clips that add length to their hairstyles. The whole idea behind these clips is to add some style to your hairdo.

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Fashionable Hair Clips for Women

Types of Hair Clips

The most basic type of hair clip is the flat one. The flat hair clip is attached to the braid or section of hair you want to style. It can be placed in front or on the side of the hair. The flat hair clip can be either a traditional metal clip or a circular clip.

The circular clip on the other hand, works much like a brush. It is made of metal. When the hair is pulled through the flat hair clip, the hair is prevented from tangling. Since there is a slight gap between the hair and the clip, the strands do not fall out but just tangle slightly. As the strands tangle, they soften the look of the hairstyle and can even make it easier to style.

The difference between the two types of clips is the manner in which they are applied. The flat clip is secured to the hair by the end of the hair. With the circular clip, you need to apply it to the hair’s surface with pressure. You can apply it by the smooth surface or cut it with a tool. However, the circular clip is usually more useful as it creates a uniform look on the entire style.

If you want to style your hair with a clip, you can use any type of clip or any size clip you desire. The size, color, shape, and design of your clip are all relative to the style you want to achieve. For example, if you want to style your hair straight, you would probably need a large clip with multiple segments that can be used in small sections.

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Fashionable Hair Clips for Women

Our Verdict

Bigger clips have less bend, thus making them more suitable for use with big hair clips. The same applies for small hair clips with small segments.

In order to find the right style of small hair clips, you have to analyze your hair style first. When you know your hair, you will be able to choose the right kind of clip for your style. A good thing about these clips is that they are disposable. Therefore, you can change the look of your hair by simply clipping them and do not have to keep buying new ones.

These items are also a part of the fashion trends. There are those that blend well with different styles and shades of hair.

With so many options available to be combined with each other, this fashion trend has a wide variety of looks. Your hairstyle can also make a big difference. If you want to get the look of a fashionista, then you must consider how these hairdo clips can make you look like.

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