Expanding Your Horizon About High Purine Foods: Try Now

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You’ve been told to avoid high purine foods like red meat, shellfish, organ meats, dried beans and peas and other meats that are rich in purines. But is it really true that we can’t eat them? Some people say that the problem with these high purine foods is that they have too many calories. This is certainly true because if you eat a lot of high protein foods that have high amounts of purine they will have a lot more calories. So if you really want to lose weight then you will need to eat healthier. But there are a few foods that can still be eaten in moderation if you know what to do.

High Purine Foods - Healthy Or Not?
High Purine Foods – Healthy Or Not?

High Purine Foods: Include Fish And Seafood In Your Diet

Fish and seafood should be included in your diet because they contain healthy fats, protein and some good carbohydrates. You can find high protein fish such as salmon or tuna that have been processed and contain much fewer purines than the wild-caught variety. When you are cooking fish, be sure to limit the amount of salt used. Salt will only make it taste bitter and will increase the number of purines in the fish. Also, you can always substitute white fish for these fish when you’re cooking.

High Purine Foods: Whole Grains

The other types of food that can still be eaten without adding too many calories are whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. When you cook these grains, be sure to avoid overcooking because this will also add to the number of purines. If you eat them in the right way then they will not add calories to your diet. But if you really don’t like them then just limit their consumption.

High Purine Foods: Whole Wheat Bread

Great food that is still good for you even if you eat a lot of high protein foods is whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread has lots of fibre, which helps regulate your digestive system. Because they are high in fibre they can also help control bad cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. They also contain lots of nutrients that help to build muscle and maintain a healthy immune system.

Whole Grain Pasta

Whole grain pasta is good for you even if you eat a lot of these high purine foods. Pasta can also be prepared in a variety of ways including sauces and baked in the oven. Many people find it a difficult task to cook whole grain pasta and when they try they find that they get better results when using a pasta machine.

Find Healthier Alternatives

Of course, there are some high purine foods that are out of your reach. These foods include any product that has a lot of sugar in it. These foods are not good for you because the extra sugar will add a lot of calories and raise your blood sugar level. If you want to avoid eating high purine foods, it is a good idea to make an effort to find healthier alternatives for the things that you do eat. Some of these alternatives will be better for you than some of the high purine foods that you may be consuming.

High Purine Foods - Go For It!
High Purine Foods – Go For It!

Fruits With High Purine  

Some fruits that have a lot of high purine foods are oranges, lemons and limes. All of these fruits should be avoided if you want to reduce your risk of heart disease. They can cause your cholesterol levels to increase to unsafe levels. Red and black peppers are also high purine foods and should be avoided. These foods contain a lot of purines and have a tendency to increase blood pressure. You should avoid them and instead choose to enjoy a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables. That’s also good for your hair. Another good source of purine foods is nuts. They contain lots of purines and they can be eaten in moderation.

Summing Up

If you want to consume a lot of high purine foods but don’t want to give up other healthy foods then you should take a look at the supplements that are available. These products are available at your local grocery store and are a good way to get plenty of protein in your diet. They can also help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

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