Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times

Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times

New hairstyle, haircut or even hairdo have always been unique. Since time immemorial, hairstyles defined an individual and continue to do so even today. A lot can be interpreted by how he chooses to arrange his or her hair.

Arranging hair in a particular way, most importantly, arranging them in accordance with the latest fashion is the situation these days. The growing pressure of maintaining a well appreciated hairstyle doesn’t not only prevail amongst the youngsters but also is a controversial topic amongst the adults.

It is often surprising how new hairstyle dates back to as early as pre-historic and historic periods. Hairstyles then were too, a mark of fashion, and also described a person’s background, caste, creed, profession, and other societal aspects.

The concept of new hairstyles and haircuts has changed over the time. With exposure and approachability increasing each day, hairstyles developed and modified and are at times often repetition of the earlier haircuts.

For instance, women earlier used to let their hair grow as long as it would naturally grow, often arranging them in braids. European men on the other hand would grow their hair only upto the shoulder which would have additional bangs or fringes.

In this article, we would mention some new age hairstyles and try to bridge the gap between them and their historical interpretations.

Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times
Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times

Naming Some Of The New Hairstyle :

  1.  Types Of New Hairstyles For Men:
  • Fade And Taper
  • Quiff
  • Pompadour
  • Combed Over
  • Slicked Back
  • Buzz Cut
  • Crew

2. Types Of New Hairstyles For Women

  • Afro
  • Asymmetric
  • Beehive
  • Bangs
  • Bob Cut
  • Bouffant
  • Blunt Haircut
Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times
Emergence Of New Hairstyle In Recent Times

Knowing Everything About The New Hairstyles:

  • The Taper And Fade Haircut For Men- this hairstyle generally seen in the men involves a discrepancy in the length of the hair from the scalp to the bottom. The hairstyle gained its popularity from various T.V shows and reality shows and is one of the most common haircuts among teenagers.
  • Quiff- this hairstyle combines of Mohawk, pompadour and flattop haircuts.

Shifting The Focus On Women Haircuts:

What we consider a new trend today is nothing but a recurrence of an old phenomenon from the past. An instance of the saying, “history repeats itself”

Similarly, the hairstyles these days also had been there in the past and have a historic background to them.

  •  Bob Cut– this haircut dates back to the time before the world war. A bob hairstyle can be differentiated from others in a way that it has a bowl shaped cutout over the scalp. The length of the haircut is over the shoulders.
  •  Bouffant- the hairstyle gained popularity in the mid eighteenth century. The nomenclature of the style was derived from a French word called bouffante that means to puff out. The haircut again gained popularity in the recent times. The hairstyle involves the puffing of the middle portion of the hair by various means.

Contradicting to what had been said; hairstyles these days are not only unique to an individual but are largely a result of influence and popularity.

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