Curly Hair Care For Kids: 7 Important Tips

Curly Hair Care For Kids

No matter how much you love your kiddo’s curly hair, you can’t perfect his or her hair without messing with those tangles. It goes without saying curly hair is difficult to tame and it also requires special care, unlike straight hair. So, if your child has curls, follow our ‘curly hair care for kids’ guide to tame the curls without any ado.

Wash Less Often

The first important tip in our ‘curly hair care for kids’ guide is shampooing less often. No matter how luxurious and dense curls your kiddo has, the curls can dry out easily if washed frequently. Curly hairs are quite fragile and also need more hydration. So, make sure to wash your child’s curly head less often. Keep the wash count to twice a week. If possible, try not to shampoo or wash with chemical-free hair cleanser. Don’t forget to condition/moisturize their hair strands after every hair wash.

Curly Hair Care For Kids
Curly Hair Care For Kids: 7 Important Tips

Choose The Right Shampoo

Choose a shampoo that best caters to the needs of curly hair. The shampoo should also be free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and other harmful stuff. The best is to pick an all-natural shampoo or something made of organic ingredients. If you can’t find an all-natural hair cleanser for your kiddo, you can make a DIY natural shampoo gooseberry, coconut milk, and honey.

De-Tangle Smartly

You will definitely want your curly head girl to wear those fashionable hair clips but you first need to detangle her hair. Detangle the hair easily by choosing a good shampoo made for curly hair. Always condition the hair after washing it, let the conditioner sit for 5 minutes and then de-tangle the hair using a wide-toothed comb. The best is to spray the hair and de-tangle using hands. Weekly deep conditioning will also contribute to a hassle-free de-tangling routine.

Trim Often

Although your child can’t get off his or her curly head, you can trim his/her hair often so that curls won’t be back easily. Regular trimming is also essential to prevent drying of curling hair strands, especially at the ends. So, you need to trim those ends so as to avoid a curly mess. Opt for a good salon and get your kid a nice hair cut every now and then.

Condition Everyday

Condition your kiddo’s hair after every bath even if you are not washing his/her hair. Use a kid-appropriate conditioner or something homemade. Apply the conditioner and run it down the curls while following the natural pattern. Let your kid’s hair dry in open hair and never use a towel or blow dryer for drying. If you use a towel, simply blot the hair instead of rubbing it. Remember not to detangle the wet hair. Once your kid’s hair strands are dry, puff them up at the roots with the help of fingertips.

Consider Protective Styling

Protective styling will not only help you to de-tangle your kid’s hair easily but will also reduce the number of tangles. Braiding and banding are two protective styling options to go for. Braiding and banding help to unfold those curly easily and in no time. The best part of this kind of protective styling is that it can be done without using heat. The best is to oil the hair and do protective styling for better results.

Tips For Curly Hair Care For Kids
Curly Hair Care For Kids: 7 Important Tips

Massage Hair Frequently

Curly hair is difficult to moisturize. Moisturize it well with some oil or gel thrice a week. No doubt you will be applying conditioner after every shower, oil the hair frequently and leave it overnight before washing the next morning.

Use this ‘curly hair care for kids’ guide and the tips given here to tame your kid’s curly hair hassle-free!

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