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sally beauty supply

Sally Beauty Supply, (Sally beauty), is a high-quality beauty supply distributor owned by Sally beauty company. Sally beauty supply carries a full range of skincare, make-up, personal care, fragrances, and health and beauty products. It is one of the largest manufacturers of personal care products in the U.S. The brand was founded in 1974 by Susan Todd. In addition to its sale of beauty items, Sally beauty supply also distributes a wide variety of health and wellness products including vitamins, weight management aids, skin creams, and body care.

An Overview

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The original Sally beauty supply store began as one store in New Orleans in Louisiana. Today it has expanded to include stores in various cities throughout the United States and Canada. The original store began as Sally’s Beauty Supply and became known for its friendly sales clerks, quality service, selection, and knowledgeable staff. Today, it still prides itself on having a knowledgeable staff and provides a wide selection of the very best products at prices that anyone can afford. It is one of the major discount chains in the country and is recognized as an innovator when it comes to customer service and affordability.

The company prides itself for being a women’s choice name and is known for offering the most innovative, professional beauty products and salon services available. It started as a family-owned business dedicated to providing the best quality products to the discerning customer. Today, it continues to expand its reach and offers a large variety of high-end hair care items, body care and skin care, spa and pedicure services, nail care, personal care items and a large assortment of fragrances. Apart from these offerings, sally beauty supplies also sells a wide assortment of specialty gourmet petite perfumes, specialty shampoos, conditioners and specialty hair and skin care products. There are a large variety of sally beauty supplies online and customers can visit the official website for a complete list of available products or browse the product categories on the website. Online ordering is recommended for sally beauty supplies.

Buying Your Beauty Supply

Today, Sally beauty supply chain is managed by a number of different companies. Two of them, Premier Dealers and Luxury Suppliers are recognized worldwide for their commitment to providing high quality customer service, innovative products and an extensive range of affordable beauty products. Premier Dealers operate independently established chains of salons and spas. They source their products from manufacturers and pass the savings on to customers. Luxury Suppliers manufacture and market top brands in luxurious products ranging from cosmetics to fragrances to personal care.

The company utilizes a franchise model that allows it to be both global and locally focused. This is in contrast to traditional network marketing strategies that often require a large investment in local advertising or staffing a salon in a large urban area. Today, the company continues to expand its brand name with stores located primarily in the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition, Sally beauty supply chain now has stores located in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The company also has franchise opportunities in other countries including Mexico, Italy and Russia.

Beauty industry analysts forecast that sales of Sally beauty products will experience significant growth in the next two years. The company has attracted new customers through a strong marketing campaign emphasizing value for money along with free consultations. The business model successfully empowers sales consultants to be the direct customer representatives for Sally beauty supply products. Sales consultants benefit from having the opportunity to build relationships with their client base and influence the buying decisions of their clients.

Bottom Line

Today, the company sells a variety of popular and celebrity labels such as Sallys, Pure Gourmet, Tod morals, Pure Sensitive, Ella Kay, Make Up For Ever, D&G, Maybelline and L’Oreal. In addition, the company sells a variety of health and wellness and home personal care items including bath and body, skin and bath products. The company sells its beauty and wellness products through retail outlets, through a web site and through third party salons and spas. The company also sells health and wellness and home personal care items including bath and body, skin and bath products through its own professional beauty supply brands including Pure Gourmet, Tod morals, Ella Kay, Pure Sensitive and Make Up For Ever.

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