Blonde Hair Color- Its Causes And Care

Blonde Hair- Its Causes and Care

Many a time, we come across people with either yellowish or blonde hair color. But have you ever wondered why their hair colors are different from the usual individual’s hair color? This is due to the low levels of the pigment called eumelanin in the hair follicles.

With aging, the hair color of such individuals often changes, showing tinges of red.

Asians are not often bestowed upon with natural blonde colors, until and unless the alleles show their traits in a particular individual. These yellowish or golden colors are primarily seen in the people belonging to European countries. This is because the sunlight that reaches them lacks Vitamin D.

Blonde Hair- Its Causes and Care
Blonde Hair- Its Causes and Care

Existence Of Blonde Hair Colors Around The World:                                  

Blonde hair color is a rare phenomenon. Even though the rates of having an infant with lighter and fairer complexion is high, by the time they grow, the colors change. The blonde color generally turns into either dark brown or reddish textures. According to some research done by scientists and researchers, only 5% of the people have blond hair and the rest are developed into brunettes.

Even though alterations in the hair color can be achieved, often as discussed earlier. Even with the aging of the children, a total black color of the hair is unachievable. The people in European countries, in spite of facing a change in the hair color fails to have hair dark hair color like an Asian.

Blonde Hair- Its Causes and Care
Blonde Hair- Its Causes and Care

In Asia, often, infants are born with baby blonde hair colors. The discoloration is usually because the parents might be carrying that particular phenotype. Either the father or the mother could be a carrier of the phenotype that shows its features in the offspring as a result of the crossing over.

Scientists often believe that the sexual selection of mates leads to the evolution of the transfer of the blonde color from one generation to another. Sexual selection means that individuals select their mates.

Blonde Hair Color Peception – Then Vs Now?

The hair color of blond has always been rare. In the earlier days, in Greece, the people had dark hair colors. Whenever they saw people with light hair colors or blonds, it fascinated them.

This was a situation even in ancient Rome.

This led to the people with darker hair colors bleach their hair in a particular way. This made the people not only fascinated with the idea of blond hair colors, but they also invented newer ways to achieve it.

Similarly, even in recent times, people with blonde hair colors are glorified. The fascination towards a natural blonde individual is never-ending.

Orthodoxies And More:

Despite the fact that blonde men and women were fantasized more and thought to be more alluring than any other ordinary individuals. They were considered people with less intelligent quotient. People always were being condescending and made jokes about them.

But the situation is different now, people are inclining more towards blonde hair color than ever before.

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