Best 3 Weave Hair Care Tips

Weave Hair Care Tips

As women, it is universally known that we like to take care of our appearances whether it’s our face or our hair, we like to be prepared. For some women, it can be a new hairstyle with diverse hair extensions, and for some, it can be their weekly manicure and pedicure. We always waste so much money on installation that does not even last for two to three months.

However, we do not take care of our hair under the weave. We not only take care of our hair, but we also don’t take care of our weave properly, so that the positive effects of those installations do not take. Thus, we face negative effects like hair damage, hair fall, and perhaps molding! Here, we have three best ways to take care of our weave and hair.

It’s all in the Shampoo

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You should treat your weave just like you take care of your hair. Washing it one time a week, if not twice a week is better because dirt and oil cannot build up in your hair, nor in your weave. That’s like going against hygiene 101.

Some of the ladies prefer to wash their hair by using only a conditioner, and that is definitely fine, but you might want to use shampoo too to clean any debris in your weave. If you weekly wash your hair, you can alternate between washing your weave and hair with conditioner and washing them with shampoo.

You must Condition your Hair

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You must condition your hair and weave, especially with the curly locks. If there is any curl pattern, Conditioning perfectly defines them and also assists to detangle them. If your hair and weave are washed by shampoo instead of co-washing them, conditioning your hair will certainly add moisture to your hair and weave.

You have to Dry your Hair Thoroughly

There are various levels to this game of weaves. It is okay to just wash your hair, but it has always been said that it’s better to be safe than sorry. We suggest that you should sit under a drier for at least one to two hours to ensure that the entire hair is dry and be mindful of the braids, they should be dry too.

If you do not dry your braids properly, you run the risk of having a mildew smell in your hair along with molding in your head, which will surely damage your hair.


We have discussed how washing your hair with shampoo affects your weave, and we have also depicted the use of conditioning your hair and drying your hair. However, sometimes your hair needs a break too. You can always go back to these fancy styles, but sometimes you need to give time to your hair and scalp to just breathe. Wear your own hair instead of braiding it constantly, and enjoy the hair growth in the meantime.

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