Beauty Supply Store nearby – Could Be a Dollar Store

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The beauty supply store near me is run by two mothers who love what they do and who see the need for a place that their kids will feel comfortable. They have a very strict policy of no weapons in the store and no dogs allowed. They also want to make sure all the items are new and in good condition. When my kids ask them where their stuff is, they both look blankly at each other.

Beauty Supply Store

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They haven’t found it yet. They sit in the store for an hour, talking with their co-workers and friends about the items they find. Then, out of nowhere, a little kid comes by with a toy that he picked up at the playground. He thanks the woman at the counter and buys it. Then the woman throws it into her purse and disappears for the day.

I followed her daughter home that afternoon, but she didn’t tell me where she got it. Instead, she goes inside and starts to take care of another customer. I follow her daughter into the beauty supply store and see her running from the store with an armload of products. She stops to get a few things from a rack on the left and starts to throw them on the floor.

My heart sinks. I call out to her, but she doesn’t hear me. Then she stops to stand by a window and points down to the street. “I found these at the beauty supply store near you,” she says. I go check it out. She’s holding a tub of expensive make-up, which I can’t believe is sitting here at this point in time.

I go up to the counter and ask her if she got those things from the beauty supply store near me. She hesitates a moment, then says, “I bought them at another store.” I furrow my brow, confused. “Why would you go to another store?” I ask.

She sighs and says, “They were having a sale. That’s all I know.” I follow her to a window that faces her driveway. She points out a sign for a department store across the street. The sign is old, but the windows are shiny with new equipment for the store she told me about.

She smiles at me and leads me over to the window. We walk a few steps and I notice that the furniture and decor of the beauty supply store near me are a lot newer. She motions toward the sign for the department store across the street. I follow her there and notice that the glass is chipped and worn looking.

On the way back to my car, I noticed a fresh cut fruit lying on the window. Upon reaching my car, I am overcome with the desire to find out what fruit it is before eating it. I get down to the fruit and discover that it is a watermelon. It is the only fruit in the entire neighborhood that is not watermelons. Somehow, that experience has been lodged in my brain and I don’t want to go near watermelons ever again.

As I am driving away, I notice an older woman at the beauty supply store who is gossiping loudly. She tells me about the other women that she works with and they all talk about how good their employees are. One of the employees that works at the store near me, a very young woman, comes up to me and offers me a watermelon. I take the watermelon and look at the peel.

The inside of the store is a lot smaller than the storefront across the street. There are only a few different stalls for makeup, hair accessories, etc. There are no fruit sections, which surprises me because fruit is a common item found in beauty supply stores. Upon entering the store near me, the elderly woman that is gossiping starts talking to me and asks if I want to buy a bottle of shampoo.

I thank her and ask her what she is going to get for me. She pulls out a small handbag and starts speaking with a little girl that was walking by. The little girl was very sweet, but the older woman told me that she had been working at the beauty supply store near me for many years. I looked around for a few more minutes before I realized that I had just stumbled upon a dollar store!

Final Words

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In my hurry to leave, I miss grabbing one of the soda machines. When I am done, I realize that this store near me must be a really big deal. I continue to walk until I hear someone yelling at someone on the other end of the counter. I slowly make my way back to my car. As I approach the front door, I see a very excited gentleman with his arms full of dollar bills. He proudly calls me “bro” and throws me a dollar bill and a smile.

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