Beautiful Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair

The Beautiful Short And Curly Hair

Short and curly hair is quite tricky to deal with. But with the right products and styling, anyone can look glamorous and elegant. A short curly hair can be styled in several ways. It can look amazing if managed perfectly with the perfect haircut or nice hairstyles. The trick of cutting such type of hair is thinning out the layers so that it doesn’t become woolly. Even layers make a difference in the look. It’s important to shape curly hair properly. Cutting hair into long layers allows curls to move properly and look beautiful.

The Beautiful Short And Curly Hair
The Beautiful Short And Curly Hair

Different Hairstyles For Short And Curly Hair

  • Voluminous curly Pixie cut 
  • Shoulder-length curls with Bangs
  • Short Wavy lob 
  • Bouncy Bob 
  • Short Vintage curls
  • Short Hair with Crown braid
  • Sweeping side bangs

Ways To Style Your Short Curly Hair

  • Edgy Twist

Make a deep side part. Split a small section of the hair into 2 pieces and twist once. Now keep twisting by adding more hairs as you go. Stop once you have passed your ear. Then keep twisting normally. Use bobs spin and fix the twisted hair in the back.

  • Quick Half Up Pony Tail

Just scoop the half of your hair into a ponytail. It’s nice and simple to do and looks good on short curled hair.

The Beautiful Short And Curly Hair
The Beautiful Short And Curly Hair
  • My Disney Princess Look

This is a hairstyle to make when you actually feel pretty from inside.  Braid two sections of the hair so they meet at the back of your head. Tie the two braids together and loop the ponytail over the elastic to hide it.

Other Hairstyles

  • Travelling Braid

Start at the front with a large section of the hair and loosely braid it. Choose any braid you want Dutch or French. Whichever is easier to make. Start from one side of the hair and come down braiding to the other. Tuck the tiny ponytails behind the braid and pin into place. If your hair is too short and falls out tuck and pin it into place until you are satisfied.

  • Get Up Of My Face Look

You have to make a series of ponytails combining them together. First, take half of your hair to make a ponytail. Now take another section of the hair and make a pony taking the first pony along with it. Make 3 or 4 ponies seeing the length of your hair. This style looks neat on messy bouncy curled hair.

  • Retro Vibes

Continue from the last look until the last pony. Now twist the last and the top pony to make a bun. Keep pinning your hair until a neat bun is made. Top this look with a cute hairband to give it a retro look.


Earlier short curly hairs were hard to manage thinking there were no hairstyles. But today this view has changed. Even chopped short hair can look amazing with the right hairdo and a perfect haircut. It looks awesome when managed perfectly.

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