6 Tips to Maintain Curly Hair

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If you have curly hair, then you know that it can be a bit of a challenge to keep it looking its best. Curls tend to be drier and more prone to frizzing than straight hair, so it takes a bit more effort to keep them healthy and under control. But with the right tips, you can maintain curly hair without too much trouble. Here are six of the best tips for keeping your curls looking their best:

1. Don’t Brush it While Wet

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One of the most common curly hair mistakes is brushing curly hair while it’s wet. This causes all kinds of problems, which you’ll notice in terms of frizziness and tangles when your curly hair dries. Instead, wait until your curly locks are completely dry before brushing them out with a wide-toothed comb.

2. Don’t Rinse with Cold or Hot Water

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It’s best not to rinse curly hair with either extremely hot or cold water. The extreme temperatures of those two options can dry out curly hair and make it more brittle and prone to breakage, which would just lead to your curly locks looking less than their best. Instead, use lukewarm water to rinse curly hair.

3. Cleanse with a Mild Shampoo

Since curly locks are drier than straight hair, it’s important to be careful about the shampoo you choose. Choose shampoos specifically designed for curly hair to avoid drying out your curly locks even more and causing frizziness.

4. Don’t Use High Heats on Curly Hair

If you’re used to using high heat settings to dry curly hair, it’s time for an adjustment. When curly hair is exposed to high heat, it can become very frizzy and prone to damage. Try switching out your hairdryer for a specially designed diffuser. The diffuser works by breaking up water droplets and spreading them out over curly hair. This makes curly locks take longer to dry, but it reduces frizz for curly hair.

5. Avoid Brushing Curly or Wavy Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, avoid using a brush at all costs! Try using your fingers instead of a brush to comb curly locks. Brushing curly hair can cause frizziness and even damage to curly locks over time. If you must use a brush, opt for one with boar bristles on it, as these brushes are less likely to cause damage than plastic or metal bristle brushes.

6. Use Natural Products

If you have curly hair, avoid products containing alcohol in them. Alcohol can dry curly locks out, even more, making curly hair brittle and prone to breaking. Look for curly hair products that contain natural oils instead of alcohol when shopping around for curly hair care items.

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