6 Amazing And Helpful American Girl Doll Curly Hair Care Hacks

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No doubt, American girl dolls have long, beautiful curly hair. It is fun to play with, but sometimes the hair of the doll can get frizzy and messy. If your doll’s hair has become knotted and is not looking its best, you can use a little amount of water, a comb, and some patience to free your doll’s lovely hair from tangles.

Other than this, you should also follow American girl doll curly hair care hacks to protect your doll’s pretty hair.

American Girl Doll Curly Hair Care Hacks

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1. Don’t Give Heat To The Hair

You should avoid using straight iron, a hairdryer, or curling iron on your American doll. Heat damages the doll’s hair, and sometimes it can burn also. If you want to curl, you need to take a little water and sponge rollers. Allow your doll’s hair to air dry.

2. Don’t Shampoo The Hair

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Suppose your doll’s hair gets sullied; never shampoo it. Styling and beauty products can build up on the hair, making it unmanageable and dry. If the doll’s hair gets dirty, highlight the area and spray bottle and clean it with a soft cloth. Also, if you want to restore the shine, you can put a drop of conditioner to the water before spraying.

3. Don’t Use Rubber Bands In American Doll Hair

Sometimes, you use rubber bands in American doll hair, which gets stuck and creates loops. Avoid doing this! Use real hair ties, which are fabric coated and slip through hair easily. Yes, you can use hair accessories created for children only because they are gentle for your doll’s head.

4. Carry Misting Bottle On Hand For tangles

A misting bottle is not only used for treating dirty areas in the hair but is also used to loosen up tangles/snarls. Use a bottle that contains super fine mist and not anything that will wet the hair or spray without control. A fog/misting bottle is also great for when styling the hair as it can smooth out ponytails and buns nicely.

5. Comb Out Knots In A Partition

If your doll gets knots, do not get vigorous with them. Instead, use a comb or pick to loosen up knots. Always comb out your doll hair in one small partition at a time. Grasp hair at the bottom of the head. Don’t pull hair too much. Otherwise, you risk being too uneven and pulling out hair.

6. Use The American Girl Doll Hair Picks Or Hair Brushes

The brushes sold through American Girl are particularly designed for the dolls. If your doll has long, straight hair, use the wire brush. And if your doll has curlier hair, you choose hair pick instead. Don’t use your own brush on the doll’s hair because it could eliminate it from the bottom of the head.


Curly hair is challenging to handle. They cannot be brushed the way flat hair can and prone to become wiry and out of control. Also, second-hand dolls can come to you with tresses that seem to be lost eternally. Must follow the above-given hacks to recover or care for your American doll’s hair.

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