5 Hairstyle Tips for Curly Hair

hairstyle tips for curly hair

Curly hair can be a hairstyle challenge. But with the right hairstyles for curly hair, you don’t need to worry about frizz or unkempt locks. Here are 5 hairstyle tips that will help your curls stay neat and healthy:

1. Get a hairstyle that looks good with your curls, not against them

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, don’t shy away from hairstyles that are designed for curly hair because the natural curl in your hair does not match that hairstyle. Curly hairstyles are different from straight hairstyles which makes it necessary to get hairstyles that are designed for curly hairstyles. A hairstyle with a strong point of view, such as a flipped out hairstyle or a hairstyle that is slicked back, does not work on curly hair because the natural pattern in your locks will conflict with the hairstyle design.

2. Use styling products to smooth down frizz and flyways

Curly Hair

There are several hairstyles for curly hair, such as hairstyles that have a sleek top or hairstyles with a deep side part. But hairstyles like these only work if your locks stay frizz-free and neat all day long. This can be achieved by using the right hair styling products that will help control frizz and flyaways. For hairstyles that have a sleek top, you can use hair styling products that offer light hold such as styling lotions and pomades to keep your hair from looking wild and unkempt throughout the day.

3. Curl your locks or use hairstyling techniques for curly hair

Straight hairstyles do not work on curly hair, hairstyles for straight hair do not work on curls too. There are hairstyles that look good with both hairstyles like hairstyles that have a deep side part or hairstyles with a flipped-out top. The secret to having these hairstyles look good is by curling your locks before styling them. If you don’t want to curl your locks, hairstyling techniques for curly hairstyles should be used. For hairstyles that have soft waves, use hairstyling techniques like twist and rake to get this hairstyle without curling your locks.

4. Frame the face with layers

Curly hairstyles work best on medium-length hair or short hairstyles. Long hairstyles are hard to control. So start by cutting your locks into layers that frame the face if you have curly hair. Layering works because it gives weight to curls so there is not an excess of hair which can lead to frizz and unkempt locks. Curly hairstyles should also be cut shorter in the back so that hairstyles with a deep side part or hairstyles that are brushed back stay in place.

5. Use hair spray to set the hairstyle in place

If you have curly hairstyles, it is important to use hair styling products like hair styling wax and hairstyling gels with light hold so your locks will not look unkempt throughout the day. If hairstyles have a slick back, hair styling wax is used for this hairstyle as it gives a matte finish that holds without looking too greasy or wet. For hairstyles with a soft top, use hair styling gels to keep those curls from going wild throughout the day. The best hairstyling product to use is hairstyling spray because it holds your hairstyle in place throughout the day and it does not look too stiff or wet.

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